Google Blogging Tip # 38: Setting Up Your Google Blog Gadgets, Part 16

Continuing 'Gadgets.'
This is NOT about what you should add / do - it's about what you should not remove / do!

On most Google Templates, these appear at the bottom of the 19 Gadgets Google offers when you clik on 'Gadgets.'
See Picture Below:

'Profile' - this is your personal profile on Google and where your Icon picture is placed that allows followers to follow your Blog and you follow theirs.
Don't remove it. If you wish to change your Profile, then go to 'Edit Profile.'
'Blog Archive' - This is your archives of all the post you made. If you remove it, it is gone forever.
Don't remove this!
The only case I can think of for removing your Blog's archives is that you want to keep your Blog but NOT for the subject you are currently using it for. By removing the Archives you will have a usable Blog for future purposes.
See Picture Below:

Notice: I am traveling starting tomorrow. I probably will not be able to post anything for a few days.

Please remember to report any down LINKS or Removed Blogs.
Also, to get Followed you need to follow others, start here (Blogs Follow Me), follow everyone on the LINKS list.
Happy Blogging - remember, you cannot have too many Blogs or too many Blog Followers.

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