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Q) Do you know of any FREE 'Photoshop' download for a computer?
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A) YES - Here is one for iMac (Apple) and one for Windows....

For iMac (Apple, Tiger and Leopard Software) :
Click on the Link:

Note: I use this myself often and I have Adobe Photo Elements for MAC.
SEASHORE is quicker to use, is not a RAM Hog and loads fast and runs easily in the background. It has limited features but for simple sizing, resizing, cut and paste photo image pictures it's great. For anything more then I use Photoshop.

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For Windows XP and Vista :
Name: GIMP
Click on the Link:

Notice: I tried this myself for about 15-minutes on a Windows Vista Laptop. It is similar to Photoshop.
All I did was size or resize a few photo images (pictures) and change the file extension to see how it worked.
Important: When downloading this software there are a lot of options for all kinds of additional software, do NOT add these, select 'Decline' where asked.

Never download a windows software onto an iMac or vice versa!
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Have a great weekend and happy blogging.
I will return to posting Google Blog Tips tomorrow.

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