Google Blogging Tip # 53: HTML Codes for Blogs and Websites, Highlighting Text and Links

Adding 'Highlighting' for Text and Links using HTML Coding.

---> This HTML Code has been updated and Modified for easier use. Updated on Sunday, August 23, 2009.

The coding is simple, the trick is selecting the color for the background and text to make it appear correctly.

Highlighting Text and Links....

Method # 1: Highlighting Text

Copy and paste the code into the HTML portion of your Blog or Web Page where you would like the highlighted TEXT to appear-
Go to The Blog Guy's Website Link to get the HTML Code, click on the LINK:
Highlighting TEXT

For an example of how this works-
Click on the URL LINK ....
'Testing Google Blogs'
I have included TWO Samples: First one with a RED Background and WHITE Letters, good for dark colored template backgrounds; and Second, one with YELLOW Background and BLACK Letters, typically used on Websites or Blogs with white backgrounds.

Method # 2: Highlighting a Link

Copy and paste the code into the HTML portion of your Blog or Web Page where you would like the highlighted LINK to appear-
Go to The Blog Guy's Website Link to get the HTML Code, click on the LINK:
Highlighting a LINK

Link Highlighted Background:
Best suited for - White Template Blog or Web Page Backgrounds....

Here's How Method # 1 Looks (on either a white or black background, if your want to change the color schemes, use the HTML Color Attribute Chart below) –


Method # 2 – works with White or Black Backgrounds.

Link Name

Note: Black or dark colored backgrounds, you may want to change ....
For all others refer to the HTML Color Chart, experiment for what's best for your Blog or Website Page Background.

These Two PICTURES may offer further help.....

HTML Color Chart for Blogs and Websites.
Please Click on the LINK -


Blog Updates and Changes:

I ADDED to my 'Links for Everyone' that I recommend.

Added -
List your Blog or Website with Yahoo Search Engine.

Google Surveys (please participate in these surveys).

Free Flash File Storage for your Blog or Website.


Google Blogging Tip # 52: Setting Up Your Google Blog Gadgets, Part 22

ADDING Google's Complete Language Translate Gadget:

(Q) In response to both Emails and Comments posted here about -
Can I provide a different 'Language Translator' that has more capabilities (more languages)?
(A) Yes, Google makes one. The reason I selected the 'Flag' method (limited number of country languages, is that the complete translator is not 100 percent accurate.
Provided below, is a complete Language Translator by Google.

This 'Google Translator Gadget' is very easy to ADD to your Blog or Website.

1. Go to this Google webpage:
CLICK on the Link-

Google Translate Gadget

2. 'Copy' the embed javascript code, see picture below.
Note" This works just like copying the embed code from a YouTube Video.
3. Sign-in to your Blog.
4. Select 'Layouts.'
5. Select 'Gadgets.'
6. Select 'HTML / JavaScript.'
7. Recommended, but not necessary, 'Change' the width to 200 and the height to 100.
8. Save, View Blog, move Gadget to desired location. Recommend this be at the TOP of your sidebar (column).
9. Go here to see an example of how Google Translate Gadget works:
CLICK on the Link-
Blogs By Twitter

The picture shows the Google Page you need to get the embed javascript code for the Google Translate Gadget.
Make sure the 'Box' has 'the language you speak' ; shown is 'English' but you can change that.
Note: Ignore everything else on the the Google web page below the embed javascript code you need.

This is how the javascript code should look when you 'Paste' it into the Gadget, 'HTML / JavaScript.'
Again, I recommend you change the size to:
Width (w) 200
Height (h) 100

Happy Blogging and have a great weekend.
Next Google Tips, Hints, Tricks, and Codes posting will be on Monday, June 29, 2009.

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Google Blogging Tip # 51: Setting Up Your Google Blog Gadgets, Part 21

This 'Gadget' ADDS a 'Google's New Search Box' to your sidebar (column) of your Blog.

This NEW addition to Google's Gadgets allows a visitor to search your blog. Therefore, I personally recommend you add this somewhere to your Blog, preferably to the top of the sidebar! Because of the hundreds of LINKS on this Blog, this NEW Google Search Box will make it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for.
--->I have added this 'Search Box' to Blogs Follow Me, in the upper portion of sidebar. You can see how it works by trying it out before adding one to your Blog.

1. Sign-in to your Blog.
2. Select 'Layouts.'
3. Select 'Gadgets.'
4. Select 'Search Box.'
5. Configure 'Search Box' to your needs.
6. Save, View Blog, make changes as needed.

Select 'Logo' Gadget, as shown in the picture:

You get a new Pop-up Window, 'Configure Search Box' , see pictures below:
Note: The more content you have on your Blog, the larger the 'Configure Search Box' window will be.
The first picture shows a newer Blog with some pots and topics.
The second picture is of this BLOG, Blogs Follow Me, and you can see that Google has determined what is all ready on the Blog.

When your done setting up your 'Google Search Box' for your Blog it should look like this....
This picture shows the 'Search Box' at the top of the sidebar (column).

Here I tested the 'Search Box' by typing in 'Daily Jokes.'
The searches within the Blog appear to the left, this will depend on which Blog template you use.
As you can see many items pop-up.
One is 'Humor, Jokes, and Funny Pictures.'
See the picture below:

Now just click on, 'Humor, Jokes, and Funny Pictures.'
This brings up a drop down box under the Search List, which shows a LINK to Daily Jokes, the item searched for...Also, the Linked Item selected is now highlighted, in this case, in white (the highlighted color will vary and depend on your template background).
See the picture below:

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Thank you.
More Google Blog Tips, Tricks, Hints, Codes, and JavaScripts Saturday, June 27, 2009.

Blog Updates and Changes to Google Blog Tip # 48, Adding Language Translator to your Blog

I have just added a NEW feature to Google Blogging Tip # 48, ADDING a Language Converter to your Blog.
The previous post was restricted to Blog templates with Black or Dark Backgrounds.

I now have TWO Options, one for Black (dark template backgrounds); and one for White (light colored template backgrounds).

Another NEW Blogging Tip is coming later today.

Latest Email Question:

(Q) I tried the 'Copy and Paste' for the Language Translator, it doesn't work for me. My background is 'White.' I noticed some followers here are using it and it seems to work okay. What am I doing wrong?
Reference: Google Blogging Tip # 48.
Email Inquiries: 3

(A) You are Not doing anything wrong. I have corrected this, and users will now have two options for their Blog, depending on the Template Background Color. If one doesn't work, try the other. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Google Blogging Tip # 50: Setting Up Your Google Blog Gadgets, Part 20

This 'Gadget' ADDS a 'Google Logo' to your sidebar (column).

I personally recommend you add this somewhere to your Blog! Google rumors have it that Google looks for this Logo as part of its criteria for adding your Blog to Google Blog Search Engines.

1. Sign-in to your Blog.
2. Select 'Layouts.'
3. Select 'Gadgets.'
4. Select 'Logo.'
5. Select which 'Logo' you want, this choice really depends more on your Template background color.
6. Save, View Blog, make a different selection if desired.

Select 'Logo' Gadget

Select which Google Logo you want to appear.
Save, view Blog.

It should look like this....

What many don't know is, if you CLICK on the Google Logo, it takes you to the Google Blog Sign-in page.

Please report ALL broken Links or removed Blogs and Websites.
I am still getting through all the LINKS on this Blog to make sure they have been added to the Blog Rolls.
Note: I am not adding any Blank Pages (no content), or required sign-in Blogs. They will remain on the LINKS but not be added to the Blog Rolls. If your status changes, send me an email to:

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Got a Google Blog Question, comment here or send me an email.

More Tips, Tricks, Hints, and Codes coming.


Google Blogging Tip # 49: Setting Up Your Google Blog Gadgets, Part 19

This 'Gadget' ADDS an 'RSS FEED' to your sidebar (column).

My personal comment - these really just distract from your Blog's content, offer no real value, and benefit a third party, mostly Google. There are some people that just like to clutter their Blog with all kinds of gadgets, so this is a good place to start.

1. Sign-in to your Blog.
2. Select 'Layouts.'
3. Select 'Gadgets.'
4. Select 'RSS Feed.'
5. Select by 'Blogger (in small blue text).'
6. Page through list, over 180, Select one.
7. Save, View Blog, Appear on sidebar, make another selection if desired.

Click on the Blue Text 'Blogger' to get a LIST of RSS Feeds available.

A New Pop-up Window will appear, Add a Gadget, Results.
Look to the upper left, their are choices for viewing, Google automatically defaults to the 'Most Popular.'
I picked, 'DAILY BUDDHA SAYINGS' which appears on the sidebar (column) of 'Testing Google Blogs.
Click on the LINK to view my RSS Feed choice:

Happy Blogging, please tell others about this Blog.
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Got a question about Blogging, send me an email or post a comment on this Blog.
Thank you for sharing.

Next Google Blog Tip, Wednesday, June 24, 2009.


Blog Updates and Changes to Google Blog Tip # 45, Adding Twitter

I have updated Google Blogging Tip Number 45, Add Twitter to Your Google Blog.

Reason - Several people said the JavaScript, which was a BETA, was not working.
I investigated this and found that to be true.
I have redone Google Blog #45 with a NEW JavaScript and it should work without any further problems.
These BETA JavaScripts may have problems, they are caused by either Twitter or Google changing the criteria the code depends on.

Sorry, but this is out of my control.

More great stuff tomorrow.
Have a good weekend.
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Google Blogging Tip # 48: Setting Up Your Google Blog Gadgets, Part 18, Modified

This 'Gadget' ADDS a Language Translator (converter) to your Blog.
--->This Post has been updated, modified and changed to add two versions of this feature depending on your Blog's Template Background Color.

After I added my Language Translator to my Blog, see bottom of this Blog Page, I received several emails asking for the Code and why I picked this particular Gadget (there are many gadgets that perform the same function).

First this one is a short version, coverts the main Languages in world. It is highly rated by language experts who claim it is the closest translator (language converter with the least number of errors). Also many Gadgets only use a Country Flag, this one uses a Flag and Country Name.
Note: This particular Gadget style uses the Flags in a Vertical Format.

1. Copy the complete CODE in the box, found on my web page link below.
2. Sign-in to your Blog.
3. Select 'Layouts.'
4. Select 'Gadgets.'
5. Select 'HTML / JavaScript' or 'Bottom Gadget'.
6. Paste complete code.
7. Save, View Blog, Test, make changes as desired.

Web Page Language Translation
Provide your Blog Followers, Readers, and Supporters access to your Blog and web pages in their own native languages by simply adding a Google Translate Mini Flags widget to your blog. Powered by Google Translate, this widget lets your visitors view your pages translated with just a click.

Still in its BETA phase, Google Translate currently offers the following translation pairs: English to and from Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, and Portuguese; and German to and from French. To know more about Google Translate, visit http://translate.google.com/

Country Flags with Country Names Translator Code:

Please Pick either Method # 1 or Method #2 according to your Blog's Background Color....

Method # 1: For BLOGS with Black or Dark Colored Template Background only.
Please go to The Blog Guy's Web Page Link, Copy and Paste the Code: Please Click on the LINK....
Translator with Vertical Flags

Method # 2: For BLOGS with White / Light Colored Template Background only.
Please go to The Blog Guy's Web Page Link, Copy and Paste the Code: Please Click on the LINK....
Translator w/Vertical Flags

This widget is distributed freely. Feel free to use it, change it to meet your needs, etc. Height and width attributes are included for all images.
BETA Versions, some errors may occur, please contact me if you have a problem. This is my third update!

Reminder: TEST ALL the Languages to make sure they work.
It should look like this when you are done ....
Click on the Link:
Testing Google Blogs

I am still testing the Google Friends Connect, there are two distinct types. More on this later.
More Gadgets, tomorrow.
Happy Blogging.
Please report any downed LINKS or removed Pages (Blogs or websites).
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Email Question: Google Friends Connect versus Google Blog Following - modified posting

***** NOTICE *****
This Posting has been modified and updated.

I have been ask -
Q) What's the difference between Google Friends Connect and Google Blog Following?
Q) I saw a website by Google with a YouTube Video explaining Google Friends Connect, picture enclosed. Why can't I get it to work for me on my Blog?

A) Google Friends Connect and Following are different. Google promised over a year ago to make this happen, in the most part we are still waiting for full integration.
Here is the short version of what's going on:
Google Friends Connect -
You can download 'Google Friends Connect' to your Website (webpage) or to most social networking sites, but not Twitter.
With 'Friends Connect' you can sign into your social networking account, such as Google, AIM, Yahoo, Open ID.
Once signed in, you can use your account to leave a message. Once the message is posted your ICON from that social network will appear, such as your Profile Image from your Google Blog.
As of this posting date, it will do what the image above shows, but it takes work to make it happen. Google sticks by it's statement, it's working on this issue.
Here is an example of 'Google Friends Connect' on a Website, please Click on the LINK:
Google Friends Connect at blogsfollowme.com

Following -
Following is when you follow another Google Blogger. Your ICON appears on their Blog under 'Followers' automatically. The magic word being 'automatically.' When they 'Follow' you, their ICON appears on your Blog under the 'Followers Box' on your Blog, also automatically.
Note: This works the same on most Social Networks and Blogs such as Twitter.
Important: If you have a Google Blog, you have to activate this feature through 'Google Gadgets.' Newer Google Blogs place this feature on your Blog Template automatically, but if you have an older Blog or you removed this gadget feature you need to add it for this Gadget Feature to appear and work.
Here is an Example of Followers on Google, please Click on the LINK:
My Google Blog Followers

Here is an Example of Followers on Twitter, please Click on the LINK:
My Twitter Page

What was promised was...
That Google Friends Connect and Following would be one in the same - for the most part it is, but as I stated, it takes work to make it happen.
That if you had a Google Blog, your Google Followers would appear as they always did.
If you are logging on to Google from another Social Network such as MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, AIM, etc. then that ICON would appear as 'Your Friends; see picture above. This happens only if you send an invitation to join 'Friends Connect' and the recipient party accepts the invitation. Then under 'Your Friends' on your Followers Box, their ICON will appear.
You can leave a short comment.
See an example at:
My Google Friends Connect

Yes I will be posting detailed instructions under Google Blog Tips on how to set up Google Friends Connect on both your Google Blog and your Website.


Blog LANGUAGE Translator Added

I have ADDED a 'Language Translator' widget to the bottom of my Blog Page.

Sorry, this is long overdue.


Google Blogging Tip # 47: Setting Up Your Google Blog Gadgets, Part 17

At the request of many readers, we are continuing 'Google Gadgets.' Yes, I will return to HTML Codes and JavaScripts for Blogs.

Adding 'Labels' to your Blog:
The primary purpose of this Gadget feature is to identify your various Google Posts, by categories. This is done by 'Labeling' each post at the bottom under 'Labels for this post.'
You can call your post anything you want.
In this case, this post has been labeled, 'Google Blogging Tips.'
The advantage of using this feature is that Google will sort all 'Posts' under this label. So when a visitor to your Blog wants to see everything you have written on a certain subject (topic) the 'Label Gadget' feature sorts all post, and list them in reverse chronological order (latest post first).
Some other features are:
1) - You can go back at anytime and add 'Labels' or change the title or move one label to another label just by changing the label title.
2) You can use multiple label titles. In other words you can have more than one label per post. This is useful if your post covers more than one subject matter.
Note: This feature should not be overused.
3) As a 'Gadget' you can move your 'Labels' anywhere you want by using your mouse in 'Layout' to position this Gadget feature in the sidebar (column).

1. Sign-in to your Blog.
2. Select 'Posting.' Create a new Post and a new Label.
3. Go to 'Edit Post.' You will see a new column added that shows your Label. Also in green text, next too your post will have the 'Label Name' you created at the bottom of Posting.
4. Go to 'Layout.'
5. Select 'Gadgets.'
6. Select 'Labels'
7. Enter Title for 'Labels' and select type of sorting.
8. 'Save' changes.
9. Under Gadgets select 'Labels' by clicking with your mouse, hold down mouse button, drag and drop to desired sidebar location.
10. Save, View Blog, make changes as desired.

The picture below shows how a 'Label' was created for a post and where the 'Label' is placed.

The picture below shows a Blog's Posting History, under 'Edit Post.' It also shows a column to the left for all 'Labels Created' , and it shows next to each Post, the 'Label Name' assigned to that post.

The two pictures below show separate post. One has only one 'Label' and the other has two 'Labels.'

Under 'Labels' in Layout / Gadgets the picture below shows two options.
First - Determine 'Sorting' (position) by Alphabetical Order (recommended) or by Frequency (this rearranges the 'Labels' by name, according to the last posting).
Second - Give the 'Label Gadget' a 'Title.'
Don't for get to 'Save.'

This picture shows how the 'Labels' look on your sidebar (column).


Blog Updates

As discussed earlier, I am going through ALL the LINKS, and I will be adding any that are not all ready listed in the Blog Rolls by Category.
I have gotten through the F's.
Important Note - Blogs that are blank (have nothing on them are not included). Also I found some Blogs and Websites that were deleted, they have been removed from the LINKS and Follow status.
I will get them all done as time permits.
Thanks for your patience.

I see some people have all ready taking advantage of my website for FREE Flash (.swf File) Storage, reference Blogging Tip # 46 - How to Add Flash Files to My Blog.

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Note - I have gotten quite a few emails asking me to update info on 'Followers' and to finish the Google Gadget List.
So I will address these next before continuing on to more HTML Codes and JavaScripts. Look for a new post Monday, June 15, 2009.


Blog Updates and Changes to Google Blogging Tips:

I received several emails almost as soon as I posted Google Blogging Tip # 46, 'How to ADD Flash Files to My Blog' ....
Method # 1 - contained other HTML Codes that I have not yet covered.
Sorry about this.
Yes, I will issue HTML Blog Tips in the future on how to do these other types of codes.
But at this time, I have removed the Picture Image posted yesterday, that shows Method # 1, and replaced it with a simply explanation.
Everything else remains the same on Google Blogging Tip #46.


How to ADD your FLASH Files to Your Google Blog using JavaScript / HTML Codes: Google Blogging Tip # 46

Adding FLASH Files (.swf / .flv format) to your blog can be frustration for many seeking how to do it.

1) FLASH Files (.swf / .flv format) cannot be uploaded through the normal add a 'Picture Image' -or- add a 'Movie', which most people have found out.
2) FLASH Files (.swf / .flv format) must have a designation or URL Address to be uploaded to a Google Blog.
3) So you will have to do some pre-work before adding any FLASH File to your Google Blog.

Here is what you need to do to get started:
1) - Identify the Flash (.swf / .flv format) file you want to use, copy them to your desktop.
Helpful Hint: There are FREE online websites that provide a variety of Flash Files (.swf / .flv format) for your use.
2) - You will need a 'Source' for your Flash File to work. Like animated files, you will need a complete URL Address for your Flash File to work as a JavaScript on Google blogspot Blogs.
Note: I searched the Internet and couldn't come up with a FREE service that allows Flash Files to be used and stored. Photobucket, which I use for my animation file storage, wants you to upgrade to a pay service to store and use 'Flash Files.'
Therefore, I created a Website, that I will allow FREE uploads for Flash Files in .swf file format only, maximum size 500 Kb. To see more on this FREE feature offered by me (blogsfollowme) see below.
If you have your own website or know someone who does, you can upload your Flash Files there. But you must have a 'Source' for Flash to work on Google Blogs.
3) - Upload your Flash Files (.swf format) to your host online website storage account, in this case, 'www.blogsfollowme.com.'
4) - Make sure the Flash File uploaded is working.
5) - Select the Flash File you desire to place on your Blog.
6) - Determine where your Flash File is to appear on your Blog: In the main Text as a POST; or on your side bar (column).
7) - Copy the .swf Flash embed code and paste it into one of the JavaScript Codes below.
8) - Now Copy and Paste the entire JavaScript / HTML Code to your Blog's desired location.
9) - View the Blog and make sure it is working.
Important: Your Flash File should be tested in at least two different browsers, like Firefox and Windows Internet Explorer.

This is a picture Image only, so you will have to carefully copy the entire HTML Code.
I recommend using a word type program like Word Pad, NeoOffice, Microsoft Word, etc.
After you copy the entire code, save it.
Now find your 'Source' for your Flash File. Remember, this must be a complete URL Address, see the 'BOLD' area in the picture. This is where you insert your URL and Flash File Name.
This 'Image' example is for a Flash File to be posted using your 'Posting' Feature on your Google Blog.
The size of the Flash File, also in 'BOLD' will fit any Google Blog Template. I recommend using this size format.
See an example of Flash as a 'Post' at:
Turn on your sound.
Click on the LINK-
Blogs by Google

This is also a picture Image only, so you will have to carefully copy the entire HTML Code.
This is the same method as the one above but without a 'Title.'
These work well on Google's open format template, but I still recommend a 'Title.'

This is also a picture Image only, so you will have to carefully copy the entire HTML Code.
This 'Method' is for adding a Flash File to your Sidebar (column) on your Google Blog.
Note: The size of the Flash File has been reduced and should fit all Google templates. Adjust if necessary. Don't forget, the size has two locations in the embed code.
See an example of Flash on a 'Sidebar' at:
Turn on your sound.
Click on the LINK-
Blogs by Google

If you are going to use my FREE Flash Storage Service, this is the address you need to use.
Just change the Flash File Name shown in RED for your Flash File.
To get the name, go to the website page, find the picture of your Flash File, and use the name and code.
Allow up to 72-hours from submittal before your Flash File is available.
See the Website for Complete Instructions and Rules.

This is where you can upload your FREE Flash Files to my NEW Website (Click on the Link):

FREE Flash File Uploads

Happy Blogging.
Please report all down or broken Links.
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Got a question about Google Blogs, HTML Codes, or JavaScripts for Blogs...
Want to send me a Flash File for upload to my website (www.blogsfollowme.com), read the instructions and rules first...
email me at:


Latest Question about Google Blogging Issues:

Q) I have read all your Google Blogging Tips, HTML Codes, and JavaScripts .... I realize that Google, as you stated in your Google Tip, does not allow FLASH Uploads. However, do you know a way to ADD Flash to my Google Blog?
Email Inquiries: 21

A) Yes, there is a way.
This will be revealed on my next Google Blogging Tip, listed on Thursday, June 11, 2009 – don't miss it.

Got a question about your Google Blog, email me at:


How to ADD your Twitter Page Posts to your Google Blog using JavaScript (HTML Codes): Google Blogging Tip # 45 (Modified)

This Google Blogging Tip has been upgraded, modified, and changed.

To ADD your Twitter Page Posts to your Google Blog follow these steps:

Step 1 - Go to the LINK below, fill in required fields.
Step 2 - Click on 'Customize' ; then 'Add Widget to My Blog.'
Step 3 - Follow the steps (see pictures below).
Step 4 - 'View' your BLOG. Your Twitter Page LAST posts should appear on on your Google 'Sidebar' (column) at the top.
Step 5 - Now open your Twitter Page (in a different Browser) and check to see that the posts that appear on you Google Blog match the last posts on your Twitter Page.
NOTE: This shows ONLY your Post on Twitter! It will NOT show any followers who posted to Twitter that appear on your page.
Step 6 - After you have confirmed Twitter is working on your Google Blog, Go to Layout, move Widget to desired location.

Lets get started....
Please 'Click' on the LINK:

ADD Twitter to My Google Blog

This will take you to this page....
to your blog.

This will move you to this Page.
Make sure your BLOG is shown in 'Select a Blog.'
Leave 'Title' BLANK!
Ignore - 'Edit Content.'
Click on 'Add Widget.'

to Twitter, make some NEW posts.
Oops, I got this page when signing into Twitter.
This is NOT an ERROR. Twitter simply cannot process your request. There are simply too many users on Twitter, try back later!

To see an Example of:
Creating 'Your Twitter Post' to your Google Blog
please visit BLOGS BY TWITTER

1) Please follow the instructions carefully!
When using this JavaScript Gadget, please keep in mind it is a BETA. If it fails, report it to me immediately.
2) Remember, you are LINKING to a NON-Google Blog. So if the 'Twitter Post' doesn't always appear then either Google or Twitter may be down or experiencing problems. Just wait 24-hours it should restore itself.
3) If you need to MOVE your Gadget refer to Google Blogging Tip # 24, Moving Gadgets Around.

Thanks to Doc for developing this Beta JavaScript.

I will be posting HTML Codes every few days.
Check back often.
If you need a specific code, please email me.
The HTML Codes will include some JavaScript.
Not all JavaScript or HTML Codes will work on Google Blogs.
Things that say, 'BETA' are being tested and some errors may occur or the script may fail because Google or Twitter changed the criteria.

Happy Blogging.
Please recommend this Blog to other Bloggers.
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Question about HTML Codes: Twitter Post on Google Blogs

Q)) - I saw on your Blog, Blogs By Twitter, that you can list tweets from your Twitter Page. Can you please tell me how to do this on your next HTML Code Tip?

A)) - Yes, I will give you the Code. The Post will be sometime tomorrow (Tuesday, June 2, 2009).
Thanks for your support.
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//// \\\\
Got a question about your Google Blog, email me at: