Email Question: Google Friends Connect versus Google Blog Following - modified posting

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I have been ask -
Q) What's the difference between Google Friends Connect and Google Blog Following?
Q) I saw a website by Google with a YouTube Video explaining Google Friends Connect, picture enclosed. Why can't I get it to work for me on my Blog?

A) Google Friends Connect and Following are different. Google promised over a year ago to make this happen, in the most part we are still waiting for full integration.
Here is the short version of what's going on:
Google Friends Connect -
You can download 'Google Friends Connect' to your Website (webpage) or to most social networking sites, but not Twitter.
With 'Friends Connect' you can sign into your social networking account, such as Google, AIM, Yahoo, Open ID.
Once signed in, you can use your account to leave a message. Once the message is posted your ICON from that social network will appear, such as your Profile Image from your Google Blog.
As of this posting date, it will do what the image above shows, but it takes work to make it happen. Google sticks by it's statement, it's working on this issue.
Here is an example of 'Google Friends Connect' on a Website, please Click on the LINK:
Google Friends Connect at blogsfollowme.com

Following -
Following is when you follow another Google Blogger. Your ICON appears on their Blog under 'Followers' automatically. The magic word being 'automatically.' When they 'Follow' you, their ICON appears on your Blog under the 'Followers Box' on your Blog, also automatically.
Note: This works the same on most Social Networks and Blogs such as Twitter.
Important: If you have a Google Blog, you have to activate this feature through 'Google Gadgets.' Newer Google Blogs place this feature on your Blog Template automatically, but if you have an older Blog or you removed this gadget feature you need to add it for this Gadget Feature to appear and work.
Here is an Example of Followers on Google, please Click on the LINK:
My Google Blog Followers

Here is an Example of Followers on Twitter, please Click on the LINK:
My Twitter Page

What was promised was...
That Google Friends Connect and Following would be one in the same - for the most part it is, but as I stated, it takes work to make it happen.
That if you had a Google Blog, your Google Followers would appear as they always did.
If you are logging on to Google from another Social Network such as MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, AIM, etc. then that ICON would appear as 'Your Friends; see picture above. This happens only if you send an invitation to join 'Friends Connect' and the recipient party accepts the invitation. Then under 'Your Friends' on your Followers Box, their ICON will appear.
You can leave a short comment.
See an example at:
My Google Friends Connect

Yes I will be posting detailed instructions under Google Blog Tips on how to set up Google Friends Connect on both your Google Blog and your Website.


The Daily Gun Picture said...

About Google Friend Connect..
I had two invitations and accepted both, I also returned them.
After accepting the visitors (Google Friends) appeared below as they were suppose to.
When I signed back in the next day they were gone (wont appear), and I still can't get them to work.

Google needs to fix this damn problem.

Do you have an email for Google to complain to? Everyone should inundate Google with a message to fix their Friends Connect!

The Reposter Guy said...

Google Friends Connect is useless, I tried and tested it on my own Twitter Page, it failed!

I also tried it on my WordPress Blog using Open ID... I never got an invitation, that was yesterday, it should have arrived within 24-hours, I think everyone agress on that ?!e

Funny Daily Jokes said...

I am more like Daily Gun's comment above. I got an invitation from Myspace user and accepted it but it never appeared on my blog.

Fuzzy Bear Says said...

I wish the HELL Google Friends Connect did work. I have social friends and business associates on twitter, myspace, facebook, and wordpress.
I have also tried several times, I never get the invitation on my google blog.

Google needs to fix this fiasco,

The Patton Doctrine said...

I just tried to figure this out, it complexes me.

I say forget!

Anonymous said...

This whole thing has been messed up since they screwed with the way followers are done.

Bring back the old way, it was 1000 times better.

Love Japanese Girls said...

i dont use any social network other than google blogspot so i dont care if it works or not

p.s. - but i love most of your blog tips

The Anti P.E.T.A. Blog said...

I don't use any other social networks either and really can't see why I would.
I am happy with Google Blogs.

I do appreciate all the Blog Tips, keep them coming.

My Funny Accident Result said...

This blog is great-
I love these google tips-
Friends Connect, not for me.
Followers Ok.

Funny Head Stones said...

I will wait for your update, I have some Twitter and Word Press social friends I would like to add to Google Friends Connect.

I also really enjoy your Google Blogging Tips.

Funny Butt Crack Pictures said...

I, for one, want to be able to connect to other social networking sites, so yes, please tell us how to do it!

Cartoon Daily said...

I also wish the damn thing would work right, I have friends on other social sites.

Condom Facts said...

This would be a nice feature - if it worked!
If Google had released this as a bata that's one thing but to tell people it's ready is a total crock of chicken feathers.

The Daily Q.A. said...

I am considering getting Twitter, but your previous Google Blog Tip on how to ADD Twitter is sufficient for me.

I do not know anyone on any other social site, so I would not have a use for Friends Connect.

It would, however, be nice for people to connect with me, who likes to read 'The Professor' Q and A.

Just How Stupid Are People said...

what's all the hoopla about anyway

it would be nice to have but hey google will get around to it sooner or later

The Camel Jockey said...

I'd like to see more on this...

I'd appreciate everyone coming on over and taking a look at my blog pictures of camels.