Blog Updates

As discussed earlier, I am going through ALL the LINKS, and I will be adding any that are not all ready listed in the Blog Rolls by Category.
I have gotten through the F's.
Important Note - Blogs that are blank (have nothing on them are not included). Also I found some Blogs and Websites that were deleted, they have been removed from the LINKS and Follow status.
I will get them all done as time permits.
Thanks for your patience.

I see some people have all ready taking advantage of my website for FREE Flash (.swf File) Storage, reference Blogging Tip # 46 - How to Add Flash Files to My Blog.

Please support this Blog, follow me and tell your friends.

Note - I have gotten quite a few emails asking me to update info on 'Followers' and to finish the Google Gadget List.
So I will address these next before continuing on to more HTML Codes and JavaScripts. Look for a new post Monday, June 15, 2009.

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