Blog Updates and Changes to Google Blog Tip # 48, Adding Language Translator to your Blog

I have just added a NEW feature to Google Blogging Tip # 48, ADDING a Language Converter to your Blog.
The previous post was restricted to Blog templates with Black or Dark Backgrounds.

I now have TWO Options, one for Black (dark template backgrounds); and one for White (light colored template backgrounds).

Another NEW Blogging Tip is coming later today.


Anonymous said...

Just added it.
I have a WHITE background, works great..thanks

The Patton Doctrine said...
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The Patton Doctrine said...

I just added this feature to my blog, thanks, I think it's great!

Jacks Recipes said...

I concur with Patton's comment above, can you provide another Translator Gadget that does multiple languages. I need it for my Recipes.