Blogging Tips -Auto Blogging (update)

This is an UPDATE

At this time I can only get-
one of two different Blogs I tried to partially work.

It is supposed to be a FREE Service.
Attempt # 1 has been going on over a week now and I cannot even get the Password to accept, even though I am registered and I changed the password as an attempt to fix the problem.

URGENT NOTICE to my Google Friend Connect Followers:
==>Attempt # 2 today on a different Blog the password worked, and it appears that the 'Keywords' partially respond, this is probably more of a Google Search Engine thing.
As for the 'Unfollow Blog' portion, this REMOVED ALL of My Blog Followers.
That's a real problem.
Now I have to ADD back all my Followers, so if you see I stopped Following you, it was not on purpose, and I will re-add those who are currently following me - please be patient, this will take awhile.

At this moment, the answer is Do Not Use Auto-Blogging.
They have an online chat but its never working so I will try tomorrow to resolve these issues.

Stand By -
Important Note to My Readers and Followers:
I test everything before I recommend use by my readers, So If I am having a problem or the Widget fails so NOT use it.