Blog Updates and Changes to Google Blog Tip # 45, Adding Twitter

I have updated Google Blogging Tip Number 45, Add Twitter to Your Google Blog.

Reason - Several people said the JavaScript, which was a BETA, was not working.
I investigated this and found that to be true.
I have redone Google Blog #45 with a NEW JavaScript and it should work without any further problems.
These BETA JavaScripts may have problems, they are caused by either Twitter or Google changing the criteria the code depends on.

Sorry, but this is out of my control.

More great stuff tomorrow.
Have a good weekend.
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The Reposter Guy said...

I just added my Twitter page to my Blog, this new javascript code method works great, very easy to use,

The Daily Gun Picture said...

Thank you for correcting the code so fast.
The new method is great.
My Twitter posts are now appearing on my BLOG !!

Anonymous said...

I love this feature.