How to create a 'Clickable LINK' on your Blog or Website using HTML Codes: Google Blogging Tip # 42

The picture below gives you the HTML Codes for the two methods of creating a Link from your Blog or Website to another Blog or Website (webpage) using a mouse.
Method 1 - This will display on your Blog as a 'Complete URL Address' that can be clicked with a mouse to take someone to another destination.
Method 2 - This display on you Blog is a Title (name) that you chose that can be clicked with a mouse to take someone to another destination.
Either one of these methods is acceptable and are solely how you want your Blog or Webpage to look.

For an example of how this works-
Click on the URL LINK ....
This is Method 1 -
This LINK will take you to 'Testing Google Blogs', there on the sidebar (column) you can See Methods 1 and 2.

1) Look at the code carefully and make sure you have it copied exactly correct including the characters and symbols.
These codes can be used either in your Posting TEXT portion; or in the Sidebar using the JavaScript Gadget.
2) This HTML Code does NOT work on email addresses. That code is coming in a future Google Tip.

I will be posting HTML Codes every few days.
Check back often.
If you need a specific code, please email me.
The HTML Codes will include some JavaScript.
Not all JavaScript or HTML Codes will work on Google Blogs.

Happy Blogging.
Remember to add your BLOG using a complete URL Address to Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
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SiteBetter said...

Great tip on blogging and your website. I will definitely use this technique on my website.

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Hello SiteBetter

You have been added to all categories and I am following you.
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