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Q1) What's the difference between a Link List and a Blog List (Blog Roll) they appear to be the same?
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A1) In many ways they are the same, and often times people like the Blog Roll List better than the Link List. However, it is important to understand that a Blog Roll is something Google came up with for their Blog users. Links are something that robots search the Internet looking for. Links are one of three major ways that Websites and Blogs get listed and rated by Search Engines.

Q2) You put up a step by step method to get my Blog listed with Google and MSN. Are you going to do this for other Search Engines such as Yahoo?
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A2) Yes, I plan on a Google Tip for instructions to get your Blog listed with Yahoo soon as I finish the Gadgets section. Make sure you have a Yahoo Email Account, preferably one that matches your Blog Title.

Q3) A lot of Blogs seem to have all kinds of features, are you going cover these as well?
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A3) I am not sure which features you are referring to but as a general answer, I plan to include some third party features that can be added to your Google Blog. I cannot cover all of these. Google estimates there are now about 2,000 Gadgets available that can be added to your Blog.

Q4) I noticed you you have added several other Blogs and one is Blogs By Twitter, why is that?
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A4) Twitter a social networking Blog, similar to FaceBook and MySpace, which has an agreement with Google because it was founded by former Google employees. Many people have more than one Blog and often times they have them on other Blog Forums such as Twitter. This gives Twitter Users a place to LINK their Twitter Page on the Internet and make it accessible to people other than just Twitter users. I did add a section for FaceBook and MySpace as well. If you have one of these accounts just send me your LINK (complete URL) and I add it to:

Q5) Many of the things you are covering in your Google Tips I all ready know how to do. I would like help with some HTML Coding applications, specifically to add animations, are you going to cover these with your Google Tips and when?
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A5) I combined several email topics all about HTML in this one answer. Yes I am going cover basic HTML that applies to applications for Google Blogs, one of these will be how to add animations. I know a lot of people all ready know how to do many of the Google Tips I have covered, but when I started this Blog and the Google Tips, I did say, I will take this step by step as though you are setting up a new Blog, which many people are. It is estimated that a new Google Blog is created every minute and a New Follower is added every second. Even if you have had a Google Blog for a while, you might want to read the Google Tips anyway. Google changes how their Blogs function. There have all ready been several generations of Google Blogs and Google has another one in the works. Also NEW features are being added all the time by Google so it would behoove everyone to review their Blog layout for optimum performance.

Q6) You put a lot of emphasis on 'Followers' why is that?
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A6) Who follows your Blog or Website if you have one is another one of the three main ways Robots look for sites to add to their Search Engines. So, you should follow every Blog following me here.

Q7) I noticed that Google has expanded their maximum number of followers it permits, did you notice this?
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A7) Yes, it appears it has changed the total maximum allowed to 300. I wish they would take a hint from Twitter, which has no limitation on the number of followers you are permitted.

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