Question about Google Blogging Issues:

Q-1) I am still somewhat confused over this Search Engine thing and Blogs. How do Blogs relate to websites, getting listed, etc.? What about page rankings?
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A-1) Blogs are not websites and search engines treat them differently. However, in getting listed Search Engines look for common factors which are:
Submittal to individual search engine, Yahoo, Google, and MSN all have methods of doing this. Once listed with all three of these you will be picked up by other search engines using a method called 'robots.' The time frame varies because search engines constantly change their criteria for listings. Google is especially famous for this.
The type of page or blog that search engines look for the most are registered domain name websites. The top domain is a .com
Some search engines such as Google have categories they place websites, web ages, and blogs.
Page rankings is another story, these only apply after you have been listed with a particular search engine, and page rankings vary from one search engine to another, and may even vary within that search engine from locale to locale and country to country.
Search Engines use many methods to find new sources for listing. Direct Submittal by the owner and robots are the two most common methods.
This is why a blog such as – BLOGS FOLLOW ME – is so important. Your Blog is listed and grouped by category, a known method to robot searching. In other words when your Blog is found on – BLOGS FOLLOW ME – it will also be found individually, thus making a multiple robot hit. You then become more desirable to a search engine for listing. This also has a factor in page ranking.

Q-2) If followers help on getting my Google Blog noticed how many to I have to have?
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A-2) It is important to know and understand that Google changes its criteria on a constant basis. But since the inception Google Blogs use LINKS as a major criteria for listings. Followers is a unique thing to Google. Many are confused about 'Followers' and think if someone follows me I am golden with Google. This is wrong. What Google is looking for is a complete exchange of followers. So if you have 50 people following you and you are not following anyone else the effect is almost zero. That is why exchanging followers is so important and you should make every effort to constantly expand your follower base.
Google keeps its listing and ranking criteria extremely confidential, but currently it appears the number of followers that make you important for Google to look at is – 300. The exception is you offer something unique and totally different on the Internet, and that is really hard to do in today's Online world. But Google claims they are getting a NEW follower every second. That means every second of every day somewhere in the world a blogger such as yourself is following someone else on their Google Blog.

Q-3) I am confused as to Links versus Blog Rolls, please explain.
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A-3) Links are a common element used by ALL Search Engines including Google as an acceptable method of listing and ranking a site or blog.
Links work like followers to some extent. If you Link to someone this is very helpful but the real criteria is when they link back to you.
Blog Rolls is a gadget and is something for Google Bloggers. Other search engines don't know they are or just ignore them.

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Happy Holidays, and Good Blogging - Remember to Follow Others to be Followed.
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