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NOW - anyone can recommend your Blog be added to BLOGS FOLLOW ME.
I will add them to all three categories and if time permits send the NEW added Blog a comment to inform them.

Also, I plan to go back through all the LINKS and add them to the Blog Roll List. I will do these in batches by alphabetical order.
If the BLOG gets to full (lengthy) I will add the Blog Rolls to my second Blog - Blogs Follow Me 2.

If you have a comment or question please post it for others to see or email me at:

YES - I do follow websites (web pages). I ask that you place a LINK on your site back to me, and I encourage you to get a FREE Google Blog, even if you just use it to 'Redirect' your Blog to your Website.

Thanks for all the support.
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My Funny Accident Result said...

Please add my latest blog.


Why Men Die Before Women


Anonymous said...

I was surfing around the Internet and came across this lady's blog.
Thought it was quite interesting.
Didn't see any 'Followers' though.
How to Get Rid of Goatheads-Stickers