User Clarification....

Part 1 - For Google Bloggers Only -
Some people have numerous blogs, some up to 20 or more.
I will add the FIRST one only to the 'Follow' list.
The First one only to the 'Blog Roll' roll list, by appropriate category.
The First Five Only to the LINKS list.

Part 2 - For Non Google Bloggers including Website Owners -
You will be added ONLY to the LINKS List.
As a general rule, 'Followers' don't work on websites anyway.
Google still doesn't have the bugs completely fixed on other Blogs such as MySpace and Facebook.

Please remember to report any BROKEN Links so they can be removed.
Thanks for understanding.
Happy blogging.

1 comment:

Alligators said...

Thanks for adding my Blog

I have all ready gotten 7 new followers from yesterday since I joined your Blog.

All are welcomed.
Please follow me.