Google Blogging Tip # 17: Adding a Video to Your Blog, Part 2

When uploading a personal Video or a Video downloaded from the Internet, sometimes Google takes more time than usual (about 4 minutes).
Anytime you want to upload a Video without waiting, follow the first step in Google Blog Tip # 16, and then soon as the Blue Bar (see picture below) shows 'Save Now', click to save Video.
This saves the Video to your POST File Archive.
You can then go do something else on your Blog or simply sign-out and come back later.
This way you wont have to wait for Google to finish processing your video.

Later, say about an hour or even the next day, you can sign back into your Blog, and simply go to 'Edit Post.'
You will see a line....
Edit with Draft, see picture below.
Simply Click on 'Edit.'
This will take you back to the Posting window, and just click on 'Publish Post.
Your video is now uploaded.
Go to the main Blog Page (View Blog) and your video should be there and functional.

A reminder:
Google has a Scheduled outage at 4:00PM PDT (USA Pacific Coast Time) on Thursday (March 25th). You should not try and do anything with your Blog 30 minutes before and until the next day to be safe that any changes or updates take.

Happy Blogging....
Next Google Tip - Uploading a YouTube, Google, LiveLeak, Yahoo and similar Video LINKS. This will include sizing to fit instructions.


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