To ALL Followers....

This new Google system of following is terrible.
It doesn't always place the newest follower(s) in the front, thus it makes following NEW people who have joined this Blog very difficult.
If I missed anyone, please forgive me.
Simply post a comment on this Blog, and I will catch up and add you...
or, you can send me an email to:

thanks for understanding

If you are looking for Google Blog Tips, they're plenty more coming.
When you don't see a daily post here it's because I am either swamped with work (on a deadline and burning the candle at both ends as they say), or traveling, please be patient.

Don't forget to help everyone out.....
If you find a Broken LINK posted here, send me an email, and I will remove it at once.

Coming later today, more email questions and answers.

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Alligators said...

Please add me



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