Google Blogging Tip # 13 : The Next Step in Choosing the Proper 'Settings' for your Blog

This is Part 2 of Selecting the Optimum Settings for your Blog:
Sign into your Blog, you should be at the Dashboard.
Select 'Settings.'
Select 'Formatting.'
Again, I have broken this page down into three parts.
The first thing Google list is 'SHOW.'
This is important to your overall Blog set-up and performance, how it runs.
It represents the number of 'Posts' that can appear on any one page including your main Blog page. Google sets the default setting as '7.' If you are posting pictures, videos, or YouTube Links, I recommend this setting to be '1' but not more than '3.'
This is the number of individual post, not the number of pictures or items within a post.
For Example: If you post 5 pictures within one post, that is still one post.
Your Blog functions like a Web Page. It must load the page to be viewed. Visitors with slower running Modem Speeds may get frustrated and leave your Blog before ever viewing it. All of us have visited Blogs that the main page is endless. All kinds of stuff all over the place. This takes a long time to load, is hard to follow, and does not help your Blog with Search Engines. Smaller quantity post are best.
The next three items shown on this page have to do with time and date. They are not important.
I recommend selecting from the drop down boxes DATES only.
See Picture Below:

This middle section of the page has-
Time Zone: Select whatever time zone you live in.
Language: Select whatever the language is of the country you live in, unless your target audience is another country.
Example: You live in Mexico City but your primary readers are in the United States, then you should select English.
Set the NEXT 3 items: to YES, YES, NO
See Picture Below:

This is the last section of this page.
It should be YES
Leave Blank (we will address this feature later).
Save Settings
See Picture Below:

Happy Blogging....
Tomorrow we will set-up 'Comments' under Settings.
This is the one place most people make all their error in setting up a Blog.

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