Google Blogging Tip # 10 : Getting Started with My New Google Blog

Before starting a Google Blog you should do the following:
1/ Select a Blog Name.
2/ Select a Picture Image for your Google Profile.
3/ Select your FIRST Post Message - Text, Video, YouTube Link, etc.
4/ Select a picture or Icon if you plan to put one in the Template column.
5/ Create an EMAIL Account for your Google Blog. I recommend Yahoo Email. If possible try and get an email address with the same address as the Google Blog Name.

When you completed the above set up your Google Blog-
Lets get started:

Initial 'Selection or Choice' for your Google Blog Template.
Just pick one, and click on the arrow.
See Picture Below:

Just 'Click' on the arrow and keep going....
See Picture Below:

This 'Line' determines the functions you can easily do with your post for Text, Picture Images, and Videos.
Some Google 'Templates' for whatever reason will not display all the functions. So if you choose a 'Template' that has less functions, now is the time to change before making ANY post to your NEW Blog!
Skip this Step and go to 'Dashboard.'
See Picture Below:

Set-up Your Profile First, see Google Tips # 7 and # 8.
See Picture Below:

May you have Happy Blogging......
Coming NEXT: Changing Your Google Template BEFORE you start Blogging!

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