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(Q)1 – According to your Google Blogging Tip # 13, I need to keep the number of items on my main Blog Page to a maximum number of 7 posts, and keep or eliminate my outside Blog features such as 'visitor counters, etc.' to one or none. Yet my Personal Blog Page loads fast on my computer after I post or add something. I am confused on this issue that my Blog Page will load slow, can you explain?
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(A)1 – Yes, here is the simple explanation.
Your computer, whether an Apple (iMAC) or any Windows Version, laptop or desktop, uses Cache and Cookies to store data and reduce RAM usage. Once stored on your computer this allows all previous data to load quickly.
In addition, Google uses servers located all over. So a person in New York City is using a different Google Server than someone living in Seattle Washington. Add this to the fact routing of Internet data takes different paths at different times of the day. In the short explanation, clean out your cookies and cache, then test how fast your computer loads your Blog.
Also try another computer such as one at a public library. If you have someone on the other side of the country or world ask them to clean out their cache and cookies and see how long it takes to load your Blog. You want them to do this if they are frequent visitors or users of your Blog because they will also have stored the data in their Cache and Cookies.

(Q)2 – My Blog is listed with Google Search Engine, thanks to your instructions, but when I travel outside my own area my Blog calls up differently, position, why is that?
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(A)2 – That's normal. Again this has to do with servers. This is not unique to Google. You will experience this on MSN and Yahoo as well. On occasion they will be the same, but there is no cause to worry if the position is different.

(Q)3 – What is the best way to get my Google Blog exposed?
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(A)3 – Do NOT pay for any service that claims they can get you listed on Search Engines or improve your standing (listing position) with Search Engines.
First – ALL Search Engines treat Blogs differently than they do websites.
Websites are position primarily by three factors: People who Link to that site; Number of hits (external visitors to the site; and Meta Tabs. Yahoo and MSN use some variation of these. Google does not. Google is unique in it's ability to rank and list websites. It changes the criteria frequently and this is why you could be in the top ten this month and six months from now be on page 700. Many people claim to know how to overcome this but it is just hype and bull.
Next - As for your Google Blog.... Google uses certain criteria to ascertain Blog listing and position. Remember, this is about Google Blogs not blogs from other sources such as Facebook or MySpace.
Google currently is putting high emphasis on 'Followers.' So you should concentrate on following as many Blogs as possible but they must reciprocate to make it work. Many people are reluctant to use the 'Following' feature. The simple rule is anyone who wants to 'Follow Your Blog' return the favor and follow theirs. If you 'Follow a Blog' and they do not follow you in a reasonable period of time, say two weeks, remove them. You are benefiting them with NO benefit to you.
So get out there, visit Blogs, find things common to your Blog or of interest and ADD them to your Follow List.
Last – There are FREE websites and Blogs such as mine (Blogs Follow Me) that provide FREE listings of your Blog. Use them. List with as many as you can. The more exposure the better. But never pay for service to get your blog listed, shown, positioned, discussed, or in someone's special 'Friends' list.

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