Google Blogging Tip # 19: Adding a Video Link to Your Blog, Part 2

SIZING a Video Link from sources such as YouTube, Google, LiveLeak, Yahoo, AOL and similar Video LINKS to fit in your BLOG properly.
Reason this is necessary - Some Video Links exceed a width of 425 pixels. When this happens they bleed over (run into the column part of your Blog). It is annoying when people are visiting your Blog. The degree of distortion varies depending on what Search Engine your visitor is using, i.e. FireFox; Windows; Safari; etc.

First find the Video Link you want.
Next sign into your Blog.
Go to Postings
Select Create.
Find the 'Embed' HTML Code for the Video Link.
Copy the 'Embedded Code'
Paste the 'Embedded Code' into the NEW Post Box on your Blog.

It should loo like this...
See Picture Below:

As explained in Google Tip # 18, find the Video Link you want from your Internet source (YouTube, LiveLeak, Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc,) and POST it in the NEW empty box.
Also add whatever title you want. As suggested, I use whatever the video link is titled but you can put anything there.
See Picture Below:

In the blow-up HTML Coding, that you pasted, note that there are two different places that 'Width' and 'Height' appear within the code.
To Resize the Video Link, you must change both places they appear.
The Width is shown as 480, change this to 425 (both places).
The Height is shown as 295, change this to 300 (both places).
Important: Take your time, make sure to do NOT change or delete any of the coding other than the size.
When your done, 'Publish' the Video Link to your Blog.
Then go to 'View Blog.'
Run the Video Link the entire length with sound.
When done, sign out of your Blog.
Google has now published your Video Link.
See Below:

Happy Blogging....
Next Google Tip - Sizing a Video Link to fit into one of your Blog's Columns.

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