Google Blogging Tip # 70: Setting Up Your Blog Gadgets, Part 27 - Adding Google Website Search

Adding 'Google Internet Search from within your Blog.'
Reference: Google Blogging Tip # 51: Setting Up Your Google Blog Gadgets, Part 21 - This Gadget allows people to SEARCH items within your Blog.

Q) I loaded the Google Blog / Site Search Gadget you provided on Tip # 51 but it only searches what's within my own Blog. Can you provide me with the code so people can SEARCH the Internet from within my Blog?

A) Yes, but I don't recommend this Gadget because anything that departs a viewer (visitor) from your Blog distracts them from your Blog, i.e. they probably wont return.
Note: This will appear on your Google Sidebar (column).

1. Sign-in to your Google Blog.
2. Select 'Layouts.'
3. Select 'Gadgets.'
4. Select 'JavaScript / HTML.'
5. Copy and Paste the code from The Blog Guy's Web Page.
6. Save, View Blog, go back make changes as desired.
7. Move the Gadget to the desired location.

Adding a Google Internet Search Box

To get the JavaScript Code, please go to The Blog Guy's Web Page at:
Click on the LINK-

Get the Gadget Code

To see how it looks and works, please click on the LINK:
Google Internet Search Box

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Ya Ya said...

Just added this Search Box to my Blog

Stop The Illegal Invasion

Thanks for the Gadget

Ya Ya said...

Hello again...
I just made a NEW posting to one of my Blogs, What Type of Religious Light Bulb Are You?, and see that Google has changed the Posting format.
I think it sucks.
I do not see a spellchecker and that was one of the best features.
It was also hard to add a picture with text.
Also, I don't see a place to add a movie....
Are you going to give us new instructions and tips on how to use this format?