Google Blogging Tip # 73: Adding Twitter Logos (icons)

It is simple to ADD a variety of Twitter Logos (Icons) to your Blog, Social Network, or Website.
These twitter Icons hosted by The Blog Guy are complete with a clickable LINK to your Twitter Page.
There are six icons to choose from. The Icon Logo Picture is above the HTML Code, just select the one you wish to use.
They are easy to install.

Adding a Twitter Logo to Your Blog or Website

1. Sign-in to Your Google Blog
2. Go to 'Layouts.'
3. Select, 'Page Elements.'
4. Select, 'Add a Gadget.'
5. Select, 'HTML/JavaScript.'
6. Copy and Paste the HTML Code from the Blog Guy's Web Page at:
Twitter Logos and Icons

7. Make sure you change the item in RED to your Twitter Page.
8. Save the changes, View the Blog or Web Page.
9. If needed. move the Twitter Logo to the desired location, save, view again.

Next Posting - Tuesday, September 22, 2009 - I will post adding a 'Twitter Counter Widget' to Blogs and Websites.

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Thank you,
The Blog Guy

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The Daily Gun Picture said...

Just added one of the Twitter Icons to my Blog.
Thanks again Blog Guy for the great stuff.
I am anxiously awaiting the Twitter Counter Widget, I need it for all my Twitter Followers.

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