Google Blogging Tip # 72: Adding Twitter Post to a Website or Web Page

Q) You previously advised how to ADD Twitter Post to Blogs, but how do you add them to a Website or Web Page?

A) You can add your Twitter Post to any Website or Web Page in just a few simple easy steps.
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Reference Google Blogging Tip # 45 - Adding Twitter Post to Blogs.
Important - This Blogging Tip is also for all Myspace and Facebook users.

1. Sign-in to your Twitter Page.
2. You should be at 'Profile.' See picture below.
3. Select 'Settings.' 'Settings' will appear in the URL Address bar. See Picture below.
4. Page down to you see - 'More Info URL:'
Just below that you will see 'You can also add Twitter to your site here.' Click on that.
5. A new window appears. The URL Address shows googies/widgets.
On the page you will see Select Your Widget.
There will be three options -
Select Widgets for my 'Website.' If it doesn't automatically go to another window, click on 'My Website.' See picture below.
Important Note: For Facebook and MySpace users this is where you select the option here to add Twitter Post for your type of social networking blog page.
6. A final window will appear, the URL Address will be goodies/widgets_profile. In the box will be a JavaScript Code. Copy and Paste this code into your Website or Web Page between body and /body where you want the widget to appear.
See picture below.
This may take a few minutes for the connection to sync up and work so be patient.
Once it is working properly. Test it by simply posting a few Twitter Post to your Twitter Page. Then sign-out of Twitter and go to your Website Page and see how it looks.
Note: You can change the size and attributes of the JavaScript.

To see how this actually works on a website, please go to 'The Blog Guy's Website Home Page, my Twitter Post are at the bottom of the page.
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