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I have started issuing this Award for Blogs and Websites today, September 19, 2009.
An Award will be issued Weekly.
Vote for your favorite now....at:
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To participate you MUST Follow - BLOGS FOLLOW ME
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Blogs Follow Me, the Blog
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You may VOTE for a Blog or Website by leaving a Comment for your choice at Google Blog Awards.
To Vote:
You must have a Google Profile or have Google Friends Connect.
Simply sign-in and vote for your favorite.
You may only vote One Time.
You may vote for yourself.
Only Blogs and Websites who are Followers of Blogs Follow Me, the Blog -or- Blogs Follow Me the Website are eligible to win.

I selected the FIRST winner myself.
Click on the LINK below to see the Award Winner
Daily Sign Post

Tomorrow September 20, 2009 - I will post 'Connect with Twitter' for Blogs and Websites.

Please continue to have a great weekend.
Please support my efforts, Follow this Blog.
Follow me and I will Follow you.

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Daily Sign Post said...

Thank you BLOG GUY for the award.
I have published it.