Blog and Website Changes and Updates

1/ - Added to this Blog are 'Visitor Flags, I put in 200 countries by Flags. This will show who has visited this Blog by country.
Note: A country Flag only shows up when a visitor from that country views this Blog.
See the very bottom of the Blog.

2/ - Added to this BLOG was my Twitter Page Post. Yes I now have a Twitter Page for this Blog.
See the Bottom of the sidebar (column) of the Blog.

3/ - I Added my Twitter Page Post to The Blog Guy's Website Home Page.
To see how it looks and works on Web Pages, please click on the LINK:
The Blog Guy's Website Home Page
See the bottom of the website page.

Next Blog Tip, Trick, Hint, HTML Code and JavaScript is tomorrow, Friday, September 18, 2009.
I will be posting Three New Tips for Twitter Users, so if you have a Twitter Page or are planning to get one, please make sure you check out the latest tips and tricks right here from The Blog Guy.

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