Google Blogging Tip # 68: HTML Tip

Using an HTML Code for 'Spacing or Ending a Text.'

This is a simple HTML Code that really comes in handy.

Q) I have a website. I do a lot of TEXT posting and the sentences or paragraphs don't always appear as I would like them to when I publish the site to the Internet. What can I do to fix this?

A) There are a couple of alternatives but the simplest method is to use the 'break, space, or return function' It is one of the most often used HTML Code.

The Picture shows the HTML Code. It is NOT case sensitive.

Some uses are:
- Break a sentence or paragraph where you want and start a new line.
- Separate picture images.
- Increase the spacing between items such as paragraphs or links.
- For Blogs, many people don't like the way the post is so close to the comments, backlinks, etc. once the post is published. Using this simply technique will leave a space between the end of your post and the Blog's automated system postings.
Example, I will use it here and you can see that a space exists between the Post and the Labels.

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Reference: Google Blogging Tip # 28.

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