New Email Questions:

There are two NEW email questions that are related. Here are the answers:

Q-1) In using the Multi-Sound / Music Jukebox Player that plays WAV; Midi: and mp3 Files, can more than THREE Files be used, i.e. can I add more songs?
Email Inquires: 4

A-1) YES.
All you have to do is ADD more Lines for additional songs or sounds. See the picture below:

Q-2) On using The Blog Guy's FREE File Storage, I noticed there is no place to sign-up, how do I use this feature?
Email Inquires: 3

A-2) The File Storage is totally FREE. It requires NO sign-up, or signing in. There are No Fees or any hassle. You just send your file: WAV (.wav); Midi (.mid); Flash (.swf). or Animation (.gif) to The Blog Guy via EMAIL and wait for me to post it on the appropriate page. Then you grab the file, which includes the URL Address and paste it to your site or music player.
To have your file (.wav); (.mid); (.swf); (.gif) uploaded for FREE Storage simply attach it to your email, and email it to me at:

Here are the RULES for posting Free Files to the Blog Guy's Website Storage:

File Storage:
1) The Site is 100 percent FREE.
2) You agree that the Files submitted are NOT copyrighted or the property of another party.
3) I am NOT responsible for any files submitted. That the File will be reviewed before loading to the site. The review is for size, or that it does not contain materials that maybe unlawful.
4) All Files can be removed without notice for any reason.
5) By submitting a File, you relinquish all private rights of use, and the file shall become public property of anyone visiting or using this site and may be used for public purposes on another Blog or Website without your permission.
6) That an Index of all Files will be posted with a picture and link to this website for public use.
7) Once reviewed, the File, by type, will appear on a List.
8) To SUBMIT a File, please email the file as an 'Attachment' to:
9) Please allow up to 72-hours for your File(s) to be Uploaded and appear for use on your Blog or Website.
10) Please see the appropriate Blog Guy's web page to retrieve your file. Files are uploaded and stored by type:
WAV (.wav); Midi (.mid); Flash (.swf). or Animation (.gif)
11) You can submit multiple files and types at one time -or- you may submit as often as you like, there are no limits.
---> Thanks for all those who have submitted FILES so far for Free Storage. They are available now!

Thanks for your support.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
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