Google Blogging Tip # 65: Creating and Adding Backlinks, Part 3

This is Part 3, BackLinks

Several people emailed saying that it was difficult to copy The Blog Guy's list of backlinks from a Blog Post, and that once copied it resulted in a 'Non Clickable Link.'
Sometimes depending on your Browser Posts can be difficult to copy.
I apologize for this inconvenience, so I have a made a Copy and Paste file easy to use.
Please go to The Blog Guy's Website LINK below and select whether you want a List of Clickable BackLinks -or- just a list of Backlinks.
---->Remember to ADD your site as a 'backlink'to the bottom, then Post the entire LIST of 'Backlinks' to your Blog or Web Page.

The Blog Guy's List of Backlinks

Also asked was how should it look after being posted to a Web Page versus a Blog. I created a separate Web Page just for my 'BackLinks' so I can add to them any time.
Click here to visit The Blog Guy's Website BackLinks...
My Clickabe List of Backlinks


Ya Ya said...

Hello there Blog Guy-
I just saw your new post on guide to backlinks pop up.
I just added your list plus my own to the bottom...can you visit and tell me if I did it correctly?

The Blog Guy said...

Ya Ya,
Yes you did it correctly - BUT you need to add the BackLinks to all your Blogs, not just one.

Thanks for following me and using this Blog.
The Blog Guy

Anonymous said...

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