Google Blogging Tip # 66: HTML Trick for Blogs and Websites

Q) Can you please provide the HTML Code for pages that load without moving away from the original page? They appear as a second independent page.

(A) YES, here is the HTML Code...
Example: See the code portion in RED, in the picture below, just ADD it as shown -

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Lorna said...

Hi. Your blog is so full of useful information and tips, but I stay away a lot because I FIND IT DIFFICULT TO READ TEXT ON A BLACK/DARK BACKGROUND.

I wish you would change to a light background because then I would visit more often, knowing that I won't get a headache trying to read your helpful hints.

I am trying to learn HTML now. I know about the “P” tags
and about selecting All and hitting “Paragraph.” I want to learn more..... BUT NOT ON A BLACK BACKGROUND. My eyes cannot do it.


vinoth said...

hey guys...why are u using blogger's editor..don't u know windows live writer..use that ..it is great..
u can even write a post abt it admin..

resize images.
add open in new tab,window..
easily formattable..
adding watermark..
add tags easily
add videos directly..etc...lot more..
u can even write offline posts and it saves as drafts..
easily edit older posts..

i am using it fr many days..everyone will love that..

i am also a professional blogger...visit my blog ..i have more than 85 followers as of now..why should i lie..try it yourself...

vinoth said...

As far as lorna is concern...i agree with u..but i didn't had problems because i use feed readers to read the blog of many people..i just came here to comment and saw the blog..i also have the same problem..u change the template buddy..

The Blog Guy said...

Lorna and all those who don't like dark colored backgrounds for viewing, please see The Blog Guy's tip right here on this Blog for a solution:

Google Blogging Tip # 67: Viewing Colored Blog Templates in a White Background