Imortnat Notice: New Blog Update

Four Announcements...

1) - I have now gotten through ALL the LINKS, and they have been added to a Blog Roll by Category.

2) - Also if your Blog has moved, I have kept the old one and added the new Blog both to my LINKS and to the appropriate Blog Rolls. Please check your Blog to see that it is....
Listed as a LINK
Listed in one of the Blog Rolls

----> If you wish to change your BLOG Roll Category, please email me with the complete URL Address, the category it is currently in, and the New Category you want to see it in.

----> Also, if you have added a NEW Blog to your Profile Listing, please tell me, so the new Blog can be added to the Links and a Blog Roll.

----> I have also added all the NEW Followers, so if I missed anyone, I apologize, please let me know and I will add it.

3) - Next Posting: Sunday, August 16, 2009.
I will post more Google Blogging Tips, Tricks, Hints, HTML Codes, and JavaScripts for your Blogs and Websites.

4) If you have a question about Blogging or Website Development, share it, send me an Email, and I will post the question and answer.
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Happy Blogging.

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