Google Blogging Tip # 63: Another Version of Google Translator, Setting Up Your Gadgets, Part 25

This 'Gadget' ADDS another Language Translator (converter) to your Blog.

I got several email asking if the Language Translator that uses 'Vertical Flags' could be Horizontal?
It can but not with the Text Language included, it just has the Flags, that is why I did not include it the first time.

Remember, this is a short version, it coverts only the main Languages in world. It is highly rated by language experts who claim it is the closest translator (language converter with the least number of errors).

1. Copy the complete CODE in the box, found on my web page link below.
2. Sign-in to your Blog.
3. Select 'Layouts.'
4. Select 'Gadgets.'
5. Select 'HTML / JavaScript' or 'Bottom Gadget'.
6. Paste complete code.
7. Save, View Blog, Test, make changes as desired.

Horizontal Flag Translator

Please go to The Blog Guy's Web Page Link, Copy and Paste the Code: Please Click on the LINK-
Translator with Horizontal Flags

This widget is distributed freely. Feel free to use it, change it to meet your needs, etc. Height and width attributes are included for all images.
BETA Versions, some errors may occur, please contact me if you have a problem. This is my third update!

Reminder: TEST ALL the Languages to make sure they work.
It should look like this when you are done ....
Click on the Link:
Blogs by Google

Update: I am still testing the Google Friends Connect, there are two distinct types. More on this later.
More Gadgets, tomorrow.
Happy Blogging.
Please report any downed LINKS or removed Pages (Blogs or websites).
Please follow this Blog, Blogs Follow Me, and tell your friends.
Thanks for your support.

IMPORTANT: I have redone Google Blogging Tip # 48, Vertical Flag Translator. It works fine. If you were having a problem with the Flags not appearing, go to Google Blogging Tip # 48 and get the NEW Code.


The Daily Gun Picture said...

Blog Guy thanks for fixing the Flags.
BETA version noted.
If it fails again, I will notify you.

Also, I understand their is a Gadget that allows Twitter Followers to appear on Google Blogs, is this true?
I already have Twitter Post added to my Google Blog thanks to your Blogging Tips.

The Blog Guy said...

Daily Gun-
Yes there is such a Wiget (Gadget).
I will be adding this in the bear future, there are two more that are ahead of you.
Please be patient and thanks for the question / suggestion.

The Blog Guy