Google Blogging Tip # 67: Viewing Colored Blog Templates in a White Background

Some visitors of Blogs and Websites do not like colored or dark backgrounds. This is how to 'View' this BLOG (http://blogsfollowme.blogspot.com) in a White Background.
First, if you have not downloaded Mozilla Firefox for either Windows or Apple iMAC, please do so.
Looking at the three pictures below, when you visit The Blog Guy's Blog (Blogs Follow Me at: http://blogsfollowme.blogspot.com) you will notice in FireFox one or two symbols to the right of the URL Address. One of these is the RSS Feed. As shown in the picture, click on it.

In most instances you will get two choices, as shown in this picture. Either one works. I would suggest using 'Subscribe to Blogs Follow Me - Atom' only because Google uses ATOM as an RSS Feed.
Note - You don't have to subscribe to anything or sign-up for anything to use this RSS Feed.
Please click on the LINK to go there now.....
Atom RSS Feed for Blogs Follow Me Blog

As shown in this picture, you get an RSS Feed of The Blog Guy's Blog - Blogs Follow Me.
This will always appear in a white background.
The only downside it is a summary and you still might have to use some of the main Blog Entry. But in most cases it will get you the latest Blogging or Website Trick, Hint, Tip, HTML Code, or JavaScript from The Blog Guy.
Also my Website: www.blogsfollowme.com
has only white backgrounds.
Important: Ignore the top portion where it indicates - 'Subscribe' this is not required to use the RSS Feed on FireFox within iMAC or Windows versions.

This technique will work on any Blog or Website that has an RSS Feed.

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Thanks for viewing, hope this Tip was helpful.
Keep on Blogging, and remember - to be Followed you have to Follow others.

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