Google Blogging Tip # 64: Creating and Adding Backlinks, Part 2

This is Part 2 of 'Backlinks.'
As a quick reminder - 'Backlinks display other Web Pages, Websites, and Blogs that LINK to your Posts.
By now you should have modified your Google Blog Settings to accept 'Backlinks.' If you have not, go to Google Blogging Tip # 62 and complete that task now.
Why are we doing this?
Google Search Engine changes it's criteria on a regular basis for listing and ranking Websites, Web Pages, and Blogs. Recently it is believed by most Internet Gurus that Google is placing emphasis on 'Backlinks.'
Whether this is true or not, doesn't matter. Most Search Engines now use 'backlinks' as a measure of importance for listings and rankings.
The more backlinks you have within your Blog or Site the better.

So here is a good way to get BACKLINKS on your Blog.
Simply COPY and PASTE the following Backlinks onto your Site or Blog. Then add to the list your own 'backlinks.'
I have all ready added key LINKS of importance for search engines to recognize. All you have to do is ADD your 'backlinks' list and post it to your Blog or site. If you know anyone who has a Blog or website email your Post Link or Blog URL and ask them to ADD their site to the list. Please keep the existing LIST in tact and add to itt, that's what makes the backlinks work.
Yes this is like a Chain Letter you get in email, except this really works and is truly beneficial.

Lets start with my BackLink List, please ADD to it and keep it going.....(Copy and Paste to your Blog or Website):

Blogs Follow Me
The Blog Guy's Website Home Page
Free Flash File Storage
Free Midi Sound File Storage
Free WAV File Storage
Free Animation File Storage
Blog Guy's Google Friends Connect
Blogs by Twitter
Testing Google Blogs
Best Blog Award
HTML Color Chart
How is Google Doing, Take the Survey
Rate a Blog
Blogs by Google
Mr. Blog
Blog Guy's Twitter Page
Rants and Raves Forum
Blogs I am Following
Free Adult Animation File Storage
Blogs Follow Me Part 2
Submit Your Blog or Website to Bing Search Engine
Submit Your Blog or Website to Google Search Engine
Submit Your Blog or Website to Yahoo Search Engine
Blogger Buzz
YouTube Blog
Get a Free Google Blog
Get Google Friends Connect for Your Site
Google Search
Do You Yahoo
MSN Live Search
LiveLeak Videos
Download FireFox for Free

To create a 'Clickable' Backlink, use the following HTML Code for each Backlink you wish to ADD to the list.
Just replace the URL in RED with your complete URL.
Give it whatever 'Title' you wish, by changing the BLUE portion shown in the picture below:

Important Notes for Google Blog Users:

1/ It is not necessary that your backlink has a clickable URL, this doesn't matter to Search Engines, but it makes a LINK to your site or blog easier for visitors.

2/ You can simply add your BACKLINKS as a regular Post.
See an example at: Testing Google Blogs-
Testing Google Blogs

3/ You can add your Backlinks as a Google Gadget by going to Layout, Gadgets, Text, Copy and Paste, give it a title - My Backlinks, save and view Blog. This will place your backlinks on your sidebar (column).
See an example at: Blogs by Google-
Blogs by Google

1 comment:

Ya Ya said...

Thanks for the info and help.
I have two comments:

1. These are hard to copy after posted.
2. If you copy backlinks from a POST they do not contain a clickable hyperlink, what do you suggest?

But yes, tomorrow I will copy list of backlinks as you suggest and add my own then repost them to my blog.