Google Blogging Tip # 89: Add Changing Color Notice to Your Blog or Website

Click on the LINK:
to get Flash Code from The Blog Guy for your Blog or Website:

Adding Changing Color Notice

How to install the JavaScript ?
It's simple, just:
Copy and paste the code as instructed.
See how it works, there are two examples on The Blog Guy's Web Page ....

Installing the Code on a Google blogspot Blog Sidebar (column):
1/ - Sign-in to your Blog.
2/ - Go to 'Layouts.'
3/ - Click on 'Add Gadgets.'
4/ - Select 'HTML / JavaScript.'
5/ - Copy and Paste the Code from The Blog Guy's Web Page.
6/ - Save, View Blog, Refresh Screen, Move to desired location, sign-out.

Installing the Code on a Web Page:
1/ - Copy and Paste the JavaScript Code from The Blog Guy's Web Page into the desired location between BODY and /BODY.
2/ - Save, View Web Page, Move as desired or needed.

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