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The Reformed Hooker

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Previous Winners List:
Funny Daily Jokes
Selling Out The USA
Ladies with Humor
Funny Head Stones
Just How Stupid
Patton Doctrine
Daily Gun Pictures
Daily Sign Post

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nasir awan said...

step by step instructions for posting in word press

Reformed Hooker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Reformed Hooker said...

Sorry for the wrong posting.
I did want to thank everyone last week for voting for my Blog to win the Google Blog Awards.

Follow my story on my Blog. How I change my life and turned it around.

There will b a new post every week of my experience.

~USMC, Disabled American Vet~ said...

Hi Blog Guy,
I searched all your tips on Google Blogs but I couldn't find anything on how to partner up with another blog, I think they call it team members.

Can you enlighten us on how to join more than one BLOG together by different owners?

Anime/Manga Collections said...

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