Google Blogging Tip # 87: Adding Your Own Personalized Widget Button to Your Blog or Website

Why use this ?
This is better than someone bookmarking your site. This is your own personal Widget Button others install on...
Their Blog
-or- Thier Website
-or- Their Desktop

Click on the LINK:
to get The Blog Guy's HTML Code for your Blog or Website:

Adding Your Own Personalized Widget to your Blog or Website

Where do I get the ICON ?
It's best you use your Google or Friends Connect Profile Image. You can create a different image if you so desire.
This Icon Image must be stored somewhere you can retrieve it.
If you don't have your own website or storage capability you will have to use something like .... PhotoBucket or Picasa, both free online storage files for picture images.
The Icon Image should be in .jpg format

How do I install the personalized widget ?
It's simple, just:
Copy and paste the code as instructed.
See how it works below....

Installing the Code on a Google blogspot Blog Sidebar (column):
1/ - Sign-in to your Blog.
2/ - Go to 'Layouts.'
3/ - Click on 'Add Gadgets.'
4/ - Select 'HTML / JavaScript.'
5/ - Copy and Paste the Code from The Blog Guy's Web Page.
6/ - Change the items in 'RED.'
7/ - Save, View Blog, Refresh Screen, Move to the desired location, sign-out.

Installing the Code on a Web Page:
1/ - Copy and Paste the HTML Code from The Blog Guy's Web Page in the desired location between BODY and /BODY.
2/ - Change the items in 'RED.'
3/ - Save, View Web Page, Move as desired or needed.

A sample of How The Widget Looks and Works-
Part 1 – Widget Code, as it appears on your site or blog for others to copy and paste.
Add The Blog Guy's Widget Button to your Blog

Part 2 – A Working Widget after Installation.

Part 3 – See the Widget Install Code on the top of this Blogs sidebar.

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