Google Blogging Tip # 84: HTML Code – Using an Animated Picture or Icon for an EMAIL LINK for Your Blog or Website

Click on the LINK-
to get The Blog Guy's HTML Codes for your Blog or Website:

HTML Codes for Using Animation Pictures or Icons for Email Links

Note: There are two different HTML Codes with a sample of how these 'Email Link Icons' look and work. Choose the one that applies to your specific needs – smaller space such as a sidebar (column) -or- larger animated image for your Post or Web Page.
Then copy and paste the code as instructed.

Remember: To change the email address to your own.
Also you may change the Icon / Animated Picture Image (.gif) to any picture image (.gif .jpg .png) you want to use. You will then have to use a third party source such as PhotoBucket to upload the image.
Please feel free to use either one of The Blog Guy's Images.

Yes, you can ADD your own 'Animation File' to The Blog Guy's Free File Storage Hosting Site. Check out the site first to see if there are any animations files you want first, if not then submit one to me via email,
Just Click on the LINK:
Animation File Storage Page

If you are looking for an adult animation files, please go to The Blog Guy's Adult File Storage Page,
Just Click on the Link:
Adult Animation (.gif) Files

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