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The Google Blog Award Winner for Week Ending (w/e) October 17, 2009, for the best Blog or Website is...
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Funny Head Stones

Your Voting Tallies were as follows:
Funny Headstones = 13
Ladies with Humor = 9
Funny Butt Crack = 2
Bizarre Foods = 1
Can You Properly identify a Dishwasher = 1
Selling Out the USA = 1
USMC, Disabled American Vet = 1
So You Want to Move to Arizona = 1
The Anti P.E.T.A. Blog = 1
I hate Cats = 2
Here Penis Here = 1
Uses for Duck Tape = 1
Just Who Farted = 2
Heffs Bar and Grill = 2 (Not Eligible, not following)
Total Votes = 38

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Previous Winners List:
Just How Stupid
The Patton Doctrine
Daily Gun Pictures
Daily Sign Post

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1 comment:

Funny Head Stones said...

Thank you Blog Guy.
And thanks to all who voted for me.

I am heading over now to cast my vote for next weeks winner.