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Just some simple reminders that will help everyone:

First, Blogs are a form of social networking. Many people use them in an attempt to sell a product or service. The best way to do this is get a .com domain name and a website. The Blog should only be used to augment your Website. For reasons covered in my previous Blog Tips such as Google Blogging Tip # 75: Ten (10) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Myths and Facts for Blogs, Part 1.

Next, If you Follow one of my many Blogs, I in turn follow yours. As a courtesy I add all your Blogs listed under your Profile called 'My Blogs.' These are added to The Blog Guy's Blog Roll by Category and Links on : Blogs Follow Me, the Blog. As a follower they are also added to the Blog Roll List (which is in alphabetical order) on : Blogs I am Following, the Blog. If they are Non English Blogs they are posted on : Blogs I an Following, the Blog and on : Non English Blogs, the Blog. If they are Adult Content Blogs, they are posted on : A List of Blogs for Adults Only, the Blog.

Next, Following People is a way to get your Blog Noticed and when you reciprocate then this adds to both Bloggers Ratings with Google. Note for this to work, both must follow each other.

Next, Please report any down Links or Blogs removed by Google, or Blogs that change status such as requiring someone to sign-in to view the Blog. These will be removed from my LINKS and Blog Roll List. Just send me an email at:
Simply leave me a comment on the latest post and I will handle it.

Next, If you don't want anyone Following your Blog, then remove FOLLOWERS by simply -
to your Blog.
Go to View Blog.
Look for Followers.
Look for the * just below Followers.
Click on the *
You will get a pop-up window.
Simply click on REMOVE.

Next, If you want to STOP someone from Following your Blog, then follow these steps-
to your Blog.
You should be at the Dashboard.
Go to the bottom of the page, click on 'Manage.'
Find the Blog you want to remove.
Click on 'Settings.'
Click on 'Stop Following.'
Save / Done.
Wait for the Blog to recycle and come back to your LIST of Blogs you are following.
Then proceed to the next Blog if there are more than one or just go to the top of the page and click on 'Dashboard.'

Next, if you were Following one of my Blogs and no longer want your blog listed then send me an email. This email MUST include the name of the Blog and complete URL Address. It must also state which Blog it is on. Please include how it is listed (by name/description) if it appears on anyone of of The Blog Guy's Blog Roll List and/or in the LINKS. Without this I just don't have the time to search them out. As for Followers you may have noticed Google has been experiencing intermittent problems with Followers. So I may appear on your Blog but you may not appear on mine. If you remove or block a Blog it should catch up to the blogger following you in a couple of days.

Finally, as stated previously, I am going through all my Blogs and checking my Followers. This will take some time. But if you are listed in my Links or Blog Rolls and are no longer Following me, then you will be removed. Sorry about that, but as stated, Followers really only work when each party participates and reciprocates.

Thanks for understanding.
Have a good week.
The Blog Guy

Next Free Blog Tip, Trick, Hint, HTML Code, and JavaScript will be posted Saturday, October 31, 2009. Don't forget to vote for your favorite Blog or Website at the Google Blog Awards.

Sorry, I worked late tonight so I didn't get to updating my latest Followers on Google or Twitter as promised, I will try again tomorrow.


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Chelov said...

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The Daily Gun Picture said...

Mr Blog Guy,

I have visited a few Blogs that have another kind of of Follower Friends (similar to Google Friends Connect, but offered from another source) who are they and how do I get them added to my blog?