Notice of Blog Change and Update.....

The Blog Guy has moved his NON-ENGLISH Blogs and Websites to a NEW Blog dedicated just for them.
If you are a Blogger or Website owner who is Following 'Blogs Follow Me', this change affects you.

Your Site URL Address is still listed in the LINKS section of Blogs Follow Me, but your Blog Roll is now listed on a new Blog especially dedicated for Non-English Site Hosting and Viewers.
Also, I am still 'Following' your Blog or Site here.
Notice: I removed any blogs or sites that were no longer Following me.

Go to the New Blog Location, Just Click on the LINK-
Non English Blogs and Websites

Also - ALL BLOGS Following The Blog Guy are also listed in alphabetical order on one Blog Roll List at:
Blogs I am Following
Please Click on the LINK:
Blogs I am Following

This change was made because Blogs Follow Me, the Blog was getting too large in length and taking to long to load.
Your understanding is appreciated.
Please Follow Me and I will Follow you.
Don't forget to VOTE for your Favorite Blog or Site for next weeks Google Blog Award.
Thank you,
The Blog Guy

Next FREE Blog or Website Tip, Hint, Trick, HTML Code, or JavaScript Post from The Blog Guy will be Monday, October 26, 2009.

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Anonymous said...

great idea, a blog about blogs. lol. i'm most certainly following this blog, and find it VERY helpful. . . (^. ^')