Important Blog Updates and Changes

Hello Fellow Bloggers

I am slowly going through all my Blog Roll List, LINKS, and Followers.
If you are listed on Blogs Follow Me, the Blog - check the sidebar here on this page, and if you are NOT Following this Blog, you will be REMOVED from the Blog Roll List, from my Followers, and my Links.

So to keep getting your FREE Blog and Website Tips, Tricks, Hints, HTML Codes, and JavaScripts by Following This Blog,
Please check your Blog and make sure you are Following me.

The Blog Guy

Also, I am traveling. I arrived in Phoenix / Scottsdale Arizona today and wont be returning home till Friday. Sorry, my next posting will be delayed.

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Reformed Hooker said...

Mr Blog Guy

Thank you for all the tips and such , I am getting through them with my new blog.

Why is it when you follow someone they don't follow you back?

Isn't following a key factor is getting noticed?