New Questions about Google Blogging Issues:

Q1/ : What do you think about the NEW Follow List format? I don't like it. It is hard to use and difficult to add people.
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A1/ : YES, I agree, basically they should have left this feature alone. If they wanted to add another feature for other Bloggers and Friends that do not have a Google Blog then that should have been a separate feature that you added in your 'Layout' function. I believe this is going to cause a lot of confusion and error, at least for awhile. But the biggest issue I have is they Removed the 'View Follower List' that allowed you to see all of your Google Followers at one time in a vertical easy to read format. This has been replaced with a small icon to the upper right.

Q2/ : How do I contact Google to complain about an issue?
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A2/ : Email Google at: support@blogger.com

Q3/ : Can I get a Virus or Spyware from Viewing; Linking; or Following another Google Blog?
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A3/ : Essentially for the most part the answer is no. Google blocks anything like spyware or viruses if you follow another blog or site.
As for Viewing a Google Blog online, the only current way you can get a virus is the Google Blog you are viewing has a pop-up window (set Firefox and your computer browser, i.e Internet Explorer or Safari to block Pop-up windows). The only other way is when a Blog auto forwards to a webpage/website (Google does allow this feature and they should eliminate it). The website may contain a virus or spyware and then, yes you can get infected. To be safe make sure you are running an anti virus program that includes anti spyware. At the moment one of the best out there for windows is Trend Microsystems.

Q4/ : I've been having problems with uploading pictures for the past several days. Some people I talked too can't use their Blog at all. What's going on?
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A4/ : Google is playing around with the formats, like new features in Follow, so it messes things up for some and not for others.

Q5/ : I downloaded the newest version of Firefox, but some of the features on my 'New Post' still don't work (appear), what's wrong?
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A5/ : I have discussed this with other people and for the most part it seems to be in what Template you choose when setting up your Blog. So look at the template and see if all the features are there when setting up a NEW Blog.
Warning: If you change the 'Template' on an existing Blog you may lose what you posted. You probably will lose all your Followers, Links, etc.


lovelyprism said...

My comment feature appears to work for some and not others on one blog. On the other I have not received a comment since the "upgrade" My email link doesn't work at all and my traffic has fallen to an all time low, leaving me to wonder if my posts are showing up in my followers dashboard. What do I do about that?

Chicago Ray said...

That is how it works and not works Lovely. I've found it malfunctions half the pageloads on IE where it shows you have no friends or followers and then shows it the following load.

Like everything with this stuff, they finally get something that works and then they "improve" it so it only works half the time....

lovelyprism said...

so it's not me or my blogs? I have checked and rechecked all the settings. I don't think most of my followers realize I am posting. I was getting a wee bit upset that nobody was commenting, then I got an email asking why the comments weren't posting to my blog. I hope they fix it soon. Thanks Chicago Ray.