Google Blogging Tip # 8 : How to Set-up Your Google Blog Profile, Part 2

After you have uploaded your Picture Profile Image, you will want to set up the rest of your Blog Profile.
To do this sign-in and at the Dashboard, select 'Edit Profile', just click on it and you will be taken to the next page, 'Edit User Profile.'
see picture below to get started....

Note - I broke this page into 3 picture instructional parts, but they are all found on one page.

This is actually the main portion of the Profile.
I do recommend you complete a portion of this.
The first item is important, 'Share My Profile' so leave that checked.
The next item, Show 'My Real Name', I don't recommend this. You may want to use a 'moniker' or just leave it blank.
The next item, 'Show My Email Address', if you are operating any type of Blog that has a business including selling a product or service, you should check this box off. Otherwise leave it blank or you will end up with a lot of Spam Email.
The last item shown in this picture, see below, of the top portion the your 'EDIT USER PROFILE' page is 'Show My Blog.' This only applies if you have more than one Blog. If you do, make sure you click here and include all your Blogs. Otherwise continue to the next part.

This portion of your Profile is optional. I would not recommend filling in the items with an 'X' through them. The rest many people fill in including the city and country.
See picture below....

This portion of your Profile isn't important. Some people fill these in but many don't. Remember you can always come back and modify your Profile later on.
Don't forget to click on 'SAVE PROFILE' at the bottom of the page.
See picture below....

You have now completed setting up your Blog Profile and are ready to start setting up your Blog.


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