Google Blogging Tip # 6 (Modified): How to 'Manage' the Blogs You Are Following:

These Instructions are modified on March 5, 2009, because Google change it's format and method of managing Blogs...

Step # 1 -
As indicated in Step # 5, Sign into your Google Account.
You are at the dashboard.
Page down,
Now select (click on) 'Manage' (see picture below):

This takes you to a NEW page, Manage Your Blogs.
See picture below:

Step # 2 -
Check Your Settings on the Blogs you are Following.
They should ALL be set to 'Public.'
To make any CHANGES - Add, Delete, Other - Click on 'Settings' next to the Blog Name you wish to change. This is where you now delete a Blog!
See Picture Below:

Step # 3 -
When you have completed all your Blog Maintenance (changes) go to the bottom of the page and CLICK on 'Save Changes.
See Picture Below:

Once you have saved your changes go back to the Dashboard, then back to the Manage Page, and check to make sure everything was completed.
When done, don't forget to sign out of your Blog.

Happy Blogging...


Ashley said...

Awesome - I'll be coming to you with all my blog questions from now on. ;)

You should come follow us at The Bung Blog: http://thebungblog.blogspot.com :)

Ya Ya said...

I would like to participate.


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