Google Blogging - Explaining Some Google Blogging Issues:

Some Google Blogging Issues:
This post is in response to numerous emails I received. First on specific blogging help questions, please be patient, these will be address in the Google Blog Tips.

For the issues beyond your control as a Blogger, here are the questions and answers:
Q/ – Why do I get repeat postings of the same thing from the same person in my comments section?
Email Inquiries (7).
A/ – Four most likely causes....
A1 - This is generally caused by the poster thinking his post was not accepted, and he posted it again. Sometimes there is a delay between accepting the post and the actual comment post appearing.
A2 - The poster did not allow Google time to authenticate the post and hit the enter key again.
A3 – You have your Blog set to, comments will be posted after review and approval, and the person posting didn't see that feature and posted again.
A4 – Less likely but possible, you are using a 'Word Verification' one was not displayed by Google or Google was undergoing maintenance while your Blog was being updated by the server.

Q/ - Why am I having problems with my RSS Feed?
Email Inquiries (3).
A/ - The three most likely causes are.....
A1 - If you are using a standard template and settings by Google, then this is a Google Server issue. It is beyond your control. It should correct itself within 24-hours. This is commonplace when Google is performing maintenance whether scheduled or unscheduled.
A2 – You have modified your Blog with special features or done your own programming.
A3 – You are using an outside source for input to your Google Blog and there are issues between Google and that source. Again this should correct itself within 48-hours.

Q/ - I visited a Blog and the YouTube Video says it's not available, what's wrong?
Email Inquiries (11).
A/ - There are two possibilities.....
A1 – The Blog has been removed, either by the originator or by Google for content violation.
A2 – YouTube is temporarily down. This means when YouTube is available again the YouTube Video Link will work. Generally YouTube is rarely down more than 4-hours.

Q/ - I am signed in, and it is taking a long time for my Blog to fully load after an update such as a picture, or video link, what is the problem?
Email Inquiries (9).
A/ - The most likely causes are....
A1 - Google is experiencing an issue with one of these items, such as YouTube and you have YouTube Videos on your Blog. If this is the case, ignore it.
A2 - You have too much stuff on your Google Page.

Q/ - I am having problems uploading my personal Video, what is the problem?
Email Inquiries (5).
A/ - The most likely causes are....
A1 – Google is having Video problems. It is taking a long time and your video is not ready to post. After about 2 minutes you can save the video, Then come back later to your files, see it listed as a 'Draft' and Published it. You can even sign out and go do something else.
A2 – Your video is too large, the maximum upload size is 10 Megabytes.
A3 - If you are getting some kind of message from Google, common in uploading your own video or third party videos (not video links such as YouTube) just come back in about 4-hours and try again or wait until the next day.
Note: Some videos will not load no matter how many times you try, even if you try changing the type of video extension, example: change from a .wmv to .mpeg format. This is most likely caused by the video codec. The option you may have is to load that movie into a third party program and change the format, example load a .mpg into iMovie and change it to .mov. It may also be caused by the settings to 'Read Only' you can try changing that to 'Read and Write.' sometimes this works.

Q/ - I cannot upload a photo to Google, what's going on?
Email Inquiries (7).
A/ - There are three possibilities.....
A1 - This was a recent issue with Google. The problem is the picture image portion of Google Blogs is down. It may be under going routine or unscheduled maintenance. Just wait about 4-hours and try again. Better yet wait until the next day.
A2 – Your photo is too large to load or your settings are wrong. This will be address later in my Google Blog Tips.
A3 – Your photo is in the wrong format.

Q/ - I uploaded a LiveLeak Video to my Blog but it takes up too much space. What's causing this?
Email Inquiries (5).
A/ - Both LiveLeak and YouTube share one common problem, some of the newer videos are in larger pixels, so they overlap into another column on your Blog. I will address how to fix this issue on one of my Google Blog Tips.

Q/ - What causes a Blog to be removed?
Email Inquiries (11).
A/ - There are only two possibilities.....
A1 – The Blog owner removed it.
A2 – Google removed it for Content Violation.
The most common 'Content Violations' are:
1. Copyright Infringement – you have stuff on your blog that belongs to someone else. This is usually RIAA (music) or some entertainment or media group making Google take it down.
2. The Blog is Offensive – Google prides itself on being Politically Correct, even when they are wrong. In other words if enough people complain about what you say, Google will remove it.

If you have a general question of interest about your Google Blog, please email me at:

Happy Blogging....


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