Blog Updates and Changes Are Completed

Here are a summary of the changes:
There are now three snippet (blog roll) categories:
/1/ - Political, Government, and Rants-n-Raves
/2/ - Blogs that contain 'Adult Content'
/3/ - All other Bloggers (most people fall into this category)

If you posted a comment, you have been added to all three Blog Features:
a) Snippets (Blog Rolls, by category)
b) Follow My Blog
c) Links

The 'LINKS' Feature has been changed so that they are in 'Alphabetical Order.' This makes it fair to everyone and also makes it easy to find.

= = = = = = = = = = = =

To answer the poster on how this Blog works ....
If you Post A Comment with a Google Blog Link that can be viewed you are ADDED to -
The snippet (Blog Roll category your blog falls into)
You are also automatically added to this Blog's Follow List and the 'Links' list.

If you Follow this Blog, but don't post a comment, then you are only added to the Follow List and the Links List.

The Blog Roll / Snippet Feature is set to full display, so it automatically list something about 'Your Blog', a picture (if available on last update), and is sorted by latest posting time and date. This feature makes it fair to everyone.

If you have multi Blogs all will be added to the category.
Note - It is possible to end up in different Blog Roll Categories, example: One Blog is about Politics and One Blog contains Adult Content.

Finally if you are viewing your Blog in one of the Blog Roll Categories, and it doesn't display all the features, this means Google is having a problem reading your RSS Feed. Make sure it is turned on.

= = = = = = = = = = = =
Important - When posting a comment, please remember to add your Google Blog full URL Address, Blog Name, and what category you would like (if not selected, I will select one). If you have been placed in an incorrect category, -or- I missed you in one of the 3 categories, please email me with the correction to:

Always remember to check your Link, Follow Status, and Blog Roll to see if they are correct and work.

Thank you for supporting this Blog.


Anonymous said...

Please explain again how this blog list my blog (site).
If I am correct there are three categories on your blog:
(1) The Follow List
(2) The Links
(3) The snippets (blog rolls)

You May Be A Redneck If said...

Well son add me......

You Maybe A Redneck If,,,,

General Category

thankx a plenty!

Political VooDoo said...

Please add me

Political VooDoo Doll

category : politics

Condom Facts said...

Following others here,
please add me to your general blog roll

Condom Facts

Daily Hooters said...

YES, add me
adult content
google blog

Daily Hooters

JACK said...

All Realtors and Mortgage Brokers Suck


add me

MAXI said...


-suitepotato- said...


What the heck, why not. If we have something to say there should be a town square where we can be seen with our signs.

Nice idea there.

BTW, I already put this site's RSS into Google Reader.

"Demi Kutcher" said...

Count me in!