Google Blogging Tip # 3 : Choosing a Browser

Whether you are using Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer (any version)


MAC Safari (any version)......

you will find Google Blogging to generally go smoother using Mozilla Firefox.

Both Internet Explorer (contrary to what Bill Gates tells us) and Apple's Mac Safari browsers both have issues with Google's blogspot. Google even recommends using Firefox regardless of the type of computer operating system you are using.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree.
I only use Firefox when uploading r posting to my blog.
The advantage of Firefox is that you can open it and Internet explorer at the same time.

Anonymous said...

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Alternate 4 CraigsList said...

Hello Funny Dog Stories....
I just checked it, your feed is there.

To All Google Bloggers - Google was down for several hours today, especially for picture uploads. This often effects the RSS feeds and will mess up auto post feeds from sources such as your cellphone. Google maintenance may either cause you to lose the post altogether or say a post scheduled for 5:00 am will show up hours later.

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