Google Blogging Tip # 22: Getting Your Blog Listed with MSN Search Engine

Once you create your Blog it is important to get it published (called listed) with the three major Search Engines:

Once it is listed with these three all the others will pick it up using Robot Internet Crawlers.

Previously we discussed how to list your Blog with Google. I have even included a Link to list your Blog with Google Search Engine to the top and right of this Blog under 'Links For Everyone.'

To SUBMIT your Blog for Listing to MSN / Live / Microsoft Search Engines takes only two simply steps.

First - In your URL type in the following web address:
Second - In the box called Live Search....
Type in, or paste, your complete URL Blog Address.
Press Enter (or Return) on your keyboard
See Pictures Below:

If your Blog is all ready listed with MSN it will appear on the Search Engine Web Page, click on it, and view your Blog.

If your Blog is NOT yet listed with MSN you will get a page that is titled:
Submit Your Site to Live Search.
Simply type or paste your complete Blog URL Address in box space provided and enter 'Submit.'
It will take between 5 to 30 days for your Blog or Website to appear.
MSN / Live is probably the current fastest Search Engine for listing new sites.
See Picture Below:

Happy Blogging....
Next Google Tip - Setting Up and using your 'Gadgets.'

Note: Sorry, I have to travel on business the rest of this week so I wont be able to post the next Google Tip until next week.

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