Google Blogging Tip # 96: Updating How to Use Your Google Blog

Q/ - I am getting a lot of SPAM in my Google blogspot Blog Comments. How do I stop this?

A/ - I got many emails recently on this subject. One follower here said he got nearly 100 spam adult sites on his Blog.
Spammers are getting smarter. They are using automated robots to search Google Blogs that have open comment settings.
See the reference below:
Reference: Google Blogging Tip # 14 from The Blog Guy,
Google Blogging Tip # 14

As a result you should change your settings to use :
Show Word Verification on Comments.
This will stop automated spam.
See the pictures below for NEW recommended settings on your Settings, Comments - from The Blog Guy.
I still do not recommend anyone using 'Comment Moderation.'
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Optimum Settings Update for your Google Blog:
Sign into your Blog, you should be at the Dashboard.
Select 'Settings.'
Select 'Comments.'
I have broken this page down into 3 parts.
On this page, set each of your settings as follows for optimum performance-
Make sure the settings are set as follows:

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We Wont Take It Anymore said...

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Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

I called over from Aion'site.
Your blog is just interesting.
I 'm now following ,and i hope you visit my blog as well.
Thanks for the advice. I used not to have word verification and all of a sudden a chinese site dirty and pornograpic appeared on my post sometime. i put that and now everything's ok.

Josh said...

Hi it's really a nice blog to see..

I'm following you!!!

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Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Hi, Could you please help me , i have 2 questions:
#1. How can google machines find out blogs and who decide for them to become The blog of Note.
#2. Could you please take a look at my site, as my followers ' section hasn't been displayed properly. What has happened . do you have any idea!!
Please help me out whenever you get a chance.
Thanks so much. I found your blog through Aion's site and i'm glad i did~!

Josh said...

Dude i've asked for link Xchng!!

Pls do follow mines..

Rep me....

The Blog Guy said...

Here is your answers...

Responding to your question, part # 2 from the comment you left on my Blog, blogs follow me

I looked at your Followers section on your Blog with Apple Safari and with Firefox they both display your Followers properly.
If you are having a problem viewing them with your own browser, try another browser. It may have something to do with the way you set up your cookies, a common problem with windows.

As for the part # 1 of your question you need to Follow Googles Blogger Buzz. I will address this as a question on my other Blog, Blogs I am Following (http://www.blogsiamfollowing.blogspot.com) tomorrow.

I am also now following your Blog and you have been added to my LINKS and Blog Rolls on both Blogs Follow Me and Blogs I am Following.

This comment has been duplicated as response on my Blog,

The Blog Guy said...

I have added you as a Follower, also-
you are in the LINKS on this Blog plus The blog Roll here and the Blog Roll on Blogs I am Following

thanks for your support,
The Blog Guy

Josh said...

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Hey found your blog while looking for blogging tips, will be following!