Google Blogging Tip # 95: How to Schedule an Automatic Post for your Google Blog in advance

Q) Please tell me how I can schedule a POST for my Google Blog in advance?

A) On Google blogspot Blogs, this is very easy to do, just follow the 4-steps below shown in the pictures.
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Step # 1 -
to your Google Blog.
Go to Posting, New Post.
Under 'Post Options' click and the full box opens.
See Picture Below:

Step # 2 -
Once the box opens, simply 'CHANGE' the Date and Time to when you want your POST to be published. Yes you can select the post for later the same day; or for a different day and time.
See Picture Below:

Step # 3 -
After completing your POST: Picture, Text, Video, etc. just click on 'Publish Post.'
Note - Don't forget to give your Post a 'Title.'
Also, if you are using 'Labels' insert them now.
See Picture Below:

Step # 4 -
After you have completed the posting open up 'Edit Post' and make sure your Scheduled Post appears.
It should look like the picture below.
Then sign out of your Google Blog and on the date and time you set your scheduled post will automatically be posted to your blog without any additional effort or requirements by you.


Anonymous said...

nice post :) why don't you post your articles on igooglewatch.com/ ?

jason said...

thanks this was very helpful

now I can get a google blog and stop fooling around with facebook