Google Blogging Tip # 56: Standard HTML Codes for Text:

By using standard HTML Codes, you can 'Change' your TEXT on any BLOG or Web Page the way you want it to appear.
These few simply Codes are shown as EXAMPLES below with a corresponding Number of 1. through 10.
In the Picture Below, I have the actual HTML for each 'Code' needed to achieve the desired TEXT Appearance. You can mix and match these for the any desired look.

These can be used for -
One Letter
One Word
One Phrase
One Sentence
One Paragraph
The Entire Page

1. Blogs Follow Me
2. Blogs Follow Me

3. Blogs Follow Me
4. Blogs Follow Me
5. Blogs Follow Me
6. Blogs Follow Me
7. Blogs Follow Me
8. Blogs Follow Me

Examples of Intermixing the HTML Codes:
9. Blogs Follow Me

10. Blogs Follow Me

Note when centering anything: Text, Pictures, Animation, Movie - this code MUST start at the beginning and end last.

The reason I added these HTML Codes.....
Google Blog Templates are NOT standard or uniform, especially on the 'New Postings / Publish Post Box'
They can look like one of these two basic types:
The FIRST Picture shows a Post Box with only 7 functions....

The SECOND Picture shows a Post Box with more functions....

Happy Blogging and have a good weekend.
Yes, there are many more Tips, Tricks, Hints, HTML Codes, and JavaScripts coming for your Blogs and Websites.

Concerning your EMAILS, they will all be answered, please be patient.
At the moment I am maxed out for followers of 300, as many of you are. Google only allows the Blogger, in this case that's me, to follow a maximum of 300. However, you can have an unlimited number of Followers Following you, so please support this Blog, Follow it. You will still be ADDED to the Blog Rolls and the LINKS section of this Blog, when you follow: Blogs Follow Me.
Thank you...

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